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What Can A Private Investigator Do? Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past few months, prospective clients have reached out to us with additional questions – primarily surrounding the legality of certain services and the restrictions of private investigators. While some services can be done, they shouldn’t always be done either due to legal or ethical restrictions. Paramount Investigative Services utilizes every possible resource to quickly and efficiently resolve your case – however, we will not undertake cases that are irresponsible, or that simply do not have a solid enough background to act upon.

With numerous individuals contacting us thinking they’re being stalked or tracked, the reality is that the majority of Los Angeles residents calling regarding this belief fall under one of two categories:

  • 1: You’re simply not important enough to be stalked and/or have nothing of value for a stalker.
  • 2: You know exactly why you’re being “stalked”, only the stalker is the police and instead of being stalked you’re being investigated.

To determine whether or not Paramount Investigative Services can handle your case, consider the following answers to common questions about private investigators!

  • Can private investigators hack phones?

No. Hacking a phone or laptop without the device physically present is not only extremely difficult, but illegal. Even with the device present, hacking into a phone or computer is still an illegal act and breach or privacy. Private investigators can tell you if your phone has been hacked or not, but we cannot actively obtain and hack into a subject’s phone or computer.

  • Can private detectives track phones?

Yes and no – while private investigators can scour social media and various tracking methods to pinpoint an individual’s location, hacking into a phone for an active GPS location is illegal. However, this doesn’t mean a private investigator can’t find the person you’re looking for – check out our locate services to learn more!

  • Can a private investigator follow you?

Yes. A private investigator can legally follow you within the normal confines of the law. However, if you’ve already spotted them, chances are they’re not very good…

If you’ve noticed that a private investigator is following you for either no reason that you know of, or for the purpose of intimidation due to an ongoing case, it’s likely that counter-surveillance is your best course of action. Private investigators can follow you legally – however if their actions become increasingly aggressive or threatening, they no longer are operating within what’s acceptable by the law.

  • Is it legal to hire a private investigator to follow someone?

Yes. However, whether or not it’s ethical to follow someone depends on your case. A licensed and insured private investigator will likely avoid any case that’s essentially just stalking. However, if you have a legitimate case, a private investigator is the right person to contact for surveillance!

  • What should I do if a private investigator is following me?

First, consider why a private investigator may be following you – if you’ve broken the law, you’re simply encountering the consequences of your own actions. Secondly, it’s unlikely any good investigator would allow themselves to be seen – so if you think you’re being followed by a PI, it’s likely you’re just paranoid.

  • How do private investigators get information?

Private investigators use a variety of methods to gather information, ranging from online database searches to field surveillance. Depending on the case and the client’s budget, a private investigator will determine what resources to use in order to acquire the most clear, concise and efficient evidence possible.

  • Can a private investigator put a GPS tracker on my car?

Depending on state and local law, it can be legal for a private investigator to place a GPS tracker on your car. In Los Angeles and all of California, it’s completely legal to place a GPS tracker on a car with your name on the title. To catch cheating spouses, we frequently place GPS trackers on shared vehicles.

  • What can private investigators legally do?

Legally, private investigators can do everything from placing GPS trackers to using drones for surveillance. While there are some “grey areas” and unethical investigators may flirt with services that are less-than-legal, most cases private investigators encounter can be completed with relative ease by staying within the confines of the law.

  • Can a private investigator get bank account information?

Private investigators cannot legally obtain a subject’s bank account information without a court order, subpoena, search warrant or the direct consent of the account holder.

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