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Personal Injury Investigations by Paramount Investigatory Services

Fraudulent personal injury claims are running rampant across Los Angeles in numerous industries. With numerous claims successfully fetching "victims" tens of millions and above, everyone from restaurant staff to warehouse workers, construction contractors to city employees are eager to cash in on a potentially lucrative personal injury case. Paramount Investigative Services boasts extensive experience working alongside businesses and attorneys on suspected fraudulent personal injury claims - swiftly and effectively obtaining definitive evidence to catch any individual attempting to coax tens of millions from small and large businesses throughout Los Angeles.

Possible Victim Of A Fraudulent Personal Injury Claim?

While a business or attorney may suspect a personal injury claim is fraudulent, obtaining the indisputable evidence ousting the fraudster can prove more difficult than anticipated. If you suspect your business is facing a fraudulent claim, hiring a professional investigator to catch discrepancies in the accuser's daily habits is crucial early on. As time goes by, fraudulent individuals refine and commit to their story - making it nearly impossible to identify and reveal inconsistencies. However, an expert private investigator capable of surveying and possibly interacting with a fraudulent individual prior to their suspicion of surveillance can efficiently obtain the necessary evidence to swiftly resolve your case.

Immediate, Unrestricted Surveillance - The Ideal Solution

At Paramount Investigative Services, prospective clients may find the up-front cost of surveillance higher than anticipated - however, the highest possible cost of our surveillance services only match a fraction of a percent of personal injury claims, even before the potential years' worth of attorney bills and court sessions raise your business's cost in both time and money significantly higher. By allowing our professional investigators the freedom to perform around the clock surveillance with state-of-the-art equipment before your subject has an opportunity to prepare for impending surveillance, your case immediately receives an exponentially higher chance of successfully evading an astronomically high settlement.

Surveillance Savings

Saved 6.4 Million

Saved 2.3 Million

Saved 3 Million

100K Settlement

Personal Injury Claims: Rampant in Every Industry

According to OSHA, it's estimated employers pay approximately $1 billion per week for workers' compensation payments alone. When factoring in various other personal injury claims, one can assume an estimation reaching extortionate levels. Throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County, workers in numerous positions and industries take advantage of their employers to boost their retirement payouts, or to live a life of luxury and financial security with the only requirement of using a wheelchair in public to stave off skepticism - a small price to pay for tens of millions. Fields that typically encounter droves of fraudulent claims are:

  • Construction
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • City Employees
  • Unionized Employees

Attorney Assistance

Paramount Investigative Services consistently assists attorneys struggling to definitively obtain evidence against a fraudulent claim. However, our services are typically sought after months of failed investigations by amateur investigators or inexperienced attorney assistants. Following a previous failed investigation, and with months of practice favoring the fraudulent individual, our services will likely require additional time and field hours to wear down and catch a slip - resulting in an even greater cost.

Should an attorney suspect they require outside assistance on a difficult personal injury case, Paramount Investigative Services' team of expert private detectives offer an immediate consultation before embarking on multiple 24-hour surveillance shifts to obtain the evidence you need to convincingly resolve your case. While our initial cost and suggestions may cause hesitation in certain clients, the prospect of losing well over a hundred times more than our surveillance costs to a fraudulent individual doubtfully stands as the better option.

Expert Personal Injury Investigators Near You: Paramount Investigative Services

When seeking the assistance of a team of professional private investigators in Los Angeles, look no further than the experienced detectives at Paramount Investigative Services. Boasting a variety of available services to suit a variety of case requirements, and offering an extensive resume of proven results for businesses throughout Orange County and Ventura County, Paramount Investigative Services stands as the pinnacle of investigatory prowess throughout the Los Angeles region. Give us a call at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation, or stop by our office to speak with a Paramount Investigative Services representative regarding our rates and services regarding personal injury investigations.