Cheating Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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Infidelity Investigations

Previously, infidelity and cheating investigations in Los Angeles were largely isolated to married couples. However, with increasing opportunities to meet and cheat with others due to apps like tinder and snapchat, more and more couples are reaching out for a professional’s assistance in determining whether or not they’re being cheated on. While private investigators may seem like a stretch, certain levels of surveillance and online investigation can prove more affordable than you might originally think. While not “cheap”, a quick cheating investigation can be worth every penny if you’re planning on potentially spending the rest of your life with your current partner you suspect of cheating! Before you make any financial moves to either move in together, get engaged, get married, or make any large purchases, it’s not a bad idea to contact a private investigator to verify or debunk any suspicions of cheating you might have.

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A lot of times, we’ve found there’s a large gap of knowledge over what a private investigator can or can’t do. While we can’t do anything blatantly illegal, there’s methods and techniques we can employ both outside and in public, and online, that can uncover patterns, behavior, and hard video or audio evidence of cheating. Here’s a few questions we hear a lot:

Can A PI Find Out If My Girlfriend is Cheating?

Well, yes! Often, investigations for cheating girlfriends are a bit more simple than those for cheating spouses. Girlfriends will often be a little less careful, and often rely on lies that are easy to verify as false. Usually, it’s something as simple as “I’m going out with my girlfriends” or “I’m home alone”, which we can easily find evidence against. However, sometimes investigations take a more complicated turn – if and when this happens, we’re just as equipped to handle these scenarios. From utilizing undercover cameras to around-the-clock surveillance, we’re capable of catching any cheater in the act.

Can A Private Investigator Tell If My Boyfriend is Cheating?

Just as we can discover if a girlfriend is cheating, we can determine whether or not your boyfriend is cheating. With cheaters, using surveillance methods on top of online data collection is the primary means of gathering evidence. Once you tell us what he’s telling you, we can quickly go about verifying whether or not those stories are truthful. Similarly, we can monitor around the clock to make sure no unusual activity is occurring outside of typical routines or behaviors. Private investigators in Los Angeles are exceptionally skilled at tracking cheaters – let us help you find out if you’re being cheated on, or not.

How Do I Tell If My Boyfriend or Girlfriend Is Cheating?

Finding out whether or not you’re being cheated on is a tough process, as it largely relies on instinct at first. Once you’ve gotten that pit in your stomach of doubt, it’s hard to shake without evidence to prove your suspicions wrong. That’s where we come in – a private investigator can act as a third party for you, helping you to gather the evidence you need without sticking your own neck out. However, we will need your assistance… Keep an eye out for things like discomfort over your walking past them when they’re on their phone, different fragrances on their clothes or skin, emotional or intimate distance, or frustration and annoyance when you ask questions about their plans in more detail. If your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner is exhibiting any of these behaviors, there’s a good chance they’re defensive and hiding something. Rather than continuing to pry and raise the tension even further, reach out to a private investigator for a cheating investigation!

Cheating Investigation Services in Los Angeles

Paramount Investigative Services has provided Los Angeles with cheating investigations for decades – from celebrities to suburban residents, we’ve seen it all. Due to this experience, we’re capable of tackling your case faster than our competitors, with more definitive results. Give us a call for a free consultation today!