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If you’re an attorney, the countless hours required to prepare a case leaves little time to pound the pavement to obtain crucial witness statements. Moreover, the method in which you choose to obtain a witness’ statement can often prompt an untruthful response if they’re set on edge or already stressed from being under investigation. With over twenty years as dedicated private investigators in Los Angeles, we at Paramount Investigative Services offer expertise unparalleled by any other PI to ensure you get a truthful statement that actually benefits your case instead of wasting your time and money.

While other investigators boast about their backgrounds in law enforcement as a positive factor, while the opposite is true. their witness statement acquisition methods often follow the tactics taught on the police force – which favor playing to the strengths of intimidation. Isn’t that the last thing you need when we dealling with an evasive witness (such as your own insured client) or someone who’s seen something horrific and wants to remain discreet?

Witness statements

Why Choose us for Witness Statement Acquisitions?

The first step in obtaining a statement from an elusive witness is locating them. Finding a missing individual or elusive witness can be a dauting task for an inexperienced investigator – for us, it’s a simple, straightforward task if another investigator or law enforcement agent hasn’t scared the individual even deeper into hiding before we were hired. Once we identify and approach the individual, our experience comes into play. We casually prompt the individual into providing an honest, descriptive statement. We know when we’re being lied to and when a statement is truthful, and we take extra precautions to ensure our statement acquisition is clearly recorded. We do our due diligence so you can focus where you need to: in court.

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Don’t Leave Your Case’s Success Up to Chance: Hire A Private Investigator

The success of a case is determined by the quality of evidence provided – a definitive, convincing witness statement can be the most valuable asset to the success of your case if obtained quickly and correctly. At Paramount Investigative Services, we understand the importance of witness statements, and undertake every case with a commitment to our clients. If needed, we will stand as an expert witness in court to further attest the validity of our provided evidence. While other private investigators in Los Angeles furnish evidence of questionable quality after burning through months’ worth of your budget, we take the necessary steps to ensure your witness statement is acquired in an efficient, expeditious manner.

Expert Witness Statements

Having offered our services to attorneys across LA for decades, we’re well acquainted with the verbiage required for a convincing statement that will withstand the scrutiny of court. If you and your client are seeking swift and definitive evidence, our team of expert investigators are uniquely experienced in acquiring the witness statement you need. From Newport Beach to La Canada Flintridge, Paramount Investigative Services continually stands as LA’s preferred private investigators. Give us a call today or send us an email for your free consultation!

Expert Witness Statements