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Workers’ Compensation Claims? | Don’t wait on your insurance carrier

With over twenty years of experience on fraudulent workers’ compensation cases, Paramount Investigative Services confidently acquires and presents the evidence employers require to exonerate themselves and their businesses in the court of law. Our extensive experience on cases of this nature, reflected by our testimonials and court records, reveals Paramount Investigative Services as the team of private investigators near you best-equipped to deliver the results you require.

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An Unfortunate and Pervasive Reality: Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claims

From Ventura County to Downtown Los Angeles, fraudulent workers’ compensation claims run rampant. With claims against small businesses like restaurants and large construction companies alike, businesses face claims amounting well into the millions of dollars. Whether having encountered a well-seasoned scam artist attempting to exploit your business, or a disenfranchised long-term employee seeking to cushion their retirement fund, Paramount Investigative Services boasts both the experience and state-of-the-art equipment required to definitively identify, record and dispel falsified workers’ compensation claims.

Acquiring Evidence: Efficient, Expeditious, and Discrete

To obtain indisputable evidence, a tactful approach to surveillance and evidence acquisition must be employed by a seasoned team of private investigators to avoid detection or suspicion by the subject. While comparable private investigators in Los Angeles provide similar surveillance services, their backgrounds with law enforcement or as hobbyist investigators typically result in a head-on approach that could potentially scare the subject into hiding, or prompt them to further refine their act.

The team of experienced detectives at Paramount Investigative Services swiftly gathers information through extensive background checks, the utilization of a proprietary database exclusively available for law enforcement and licensed private investigators, and by scouring all relevant social media to ascertain any condemning evidence or suspicious activities. Having obtained all necessary information to properly position our team, Paramount Investigative Services then embarks on a multi-day, around the clock surveillance schedule to identify and record uncontestable evidence proving their dishonesty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Catching A Fraudster working while out on a claim

With all cases including a fake injury, catching the individual immediately after they begin their act is crucial. Over time, fraudulent individuals practice and refine their stories to better withstand rigorous examination in the court of law, and to prevent future surveillance investigations from gleaning any holes in their act. With the incentive of a multi-million-dollar payout awaiting them after their successful portrayal, it becomes increasingly difficult to entice a fraudster into making a mistake as time goes by.

At Risk Industries

Whether you’re a warehouse owner in Orange County, small business owner in Ventura County, or an attorney in Los Angeles, the likelihood of encountering a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is unfortunately high. With exorbitant claims pervading any industry with the slightest degree of manual labor, business small and large seeking to protect their financial stability and reputation while condemning dishonest and opportunistic scam artists will likely require the professional assistance of Paramount Investigative Services.

Paramount Investigative Services: Experienced, Licensed and Insured Los Angeles Investigators

Having earned the reputation of Los Angeles’ premier private investigator over two decades, Paramount Investigative Services continually assists residents of Orange County, business owners throughout Ventura County, and attorneys throughout the entirety of southern California with the professional, expeditious services they desire. Having proven our capabilities in dozens of court cases, serving as an expert witness and confidently testifying alongside our clients, Paramount Investigative Services outperforms the competition with effortless poise.

To inquire further regarding our rates, contact us either by phone or email. With offices in Downtown Los Angeles, Newport Beach, San Diego and Carthay Circle, scheduling a consultation with a private investigator near you is straightforward and stress-free with Paramount Investigative Services. Learn more about our available services, or stop by our office to speak with an expert investigator regarding your case!