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Los Angeles Activity Checks: Don’t Trust – Verify

If you’re locked in a case of fraudulent personal injury or workers’ compensation, anecdotes won’t be enough to convince the court of your victimhood. In fact, a lack of any hard evidence will almost certainly prompt a court to rule against you. We’ve worked alongside attorneys throughout the state, and even served as an expert witness to provide the court with testimony to prevent fraudulent claims from being upheld. A private investigator assisting an attorney by performing an activity check can often be enough to set a court record straight as to whether or not a suspected fraudulent individual is moving about their daily life unhindered, or truly inactive.

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How Activity Checks Work

In Los Angeles, activity checks are often a multi-layer process. Whether you’ve started with online surveillance or not, it’s likely the investigator will take a brief moment to obtain whatever information they can that’s available online. They’ll check for things like instagram stories showing the individual out and around, or for any indication that the individual is frequenting a specific area or establishment. Then, the investigator will perform surveillance in the field. A qualified investigator will maintain a distance so the subject is never made aware that they’re being followed, but will have a means of recording the individual constantly at the ready. They’ll then perform nearly around-the-clock surveillance to verify things like behavioral patterns and physical capabilities, which can then be used to cross-compare their story in court. Any and all inconsistencies will immediately uncover their fraudulent lie, leaving you safe. 

Why have an activity check?

While your attorney may have already crafted a convincing case, in our experience, courts respond to one thing above all else: hard evidence. Whether that’s photo or video (preferably in HD), the undeniable effect private investigator provided evidence has on the outcome of any case. If you’re fighting a personal injury or workers’ compensation case, consultation with a private investigator regarding an activity check is a must. Especially in LA, where personal injury cases are skyrocketing, the importance of the private investigator as a tool in any attorney’s defense cannot be overstated.

How do you know if you need an activity check?

Put simply, if you’re locked in a case of insurance defense, you need an activity check. If you’re already skeptical as to the validity of the claim, a qualified Los Angeles private investigator performing an activity check on an individual will more than pay for itself, should the resulting evidence result in exoneration.

Order an Activity Check Today

If you’re in an insurance defense case, either as an attorney or the party fighting a fraudulent claim, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we’ll happily serve as your eyes and ears on the ground. If needed, we’ll also gladly testify to our findings, and present them in court.