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Los Angeles offers a massive number of private investigators, making the process of selecting the right investigator difficult and confusing. While many boast experience in law enforcement, the private investigatory field requires specialized experience founded upon discretion and a tireless commitment to an expeditious outcome. Working around the clock to provide our clients with the evidence they require, Paramount Investigative Services offers Los Angeles residents, attorneys and businesses alike the various services they seek. When selecting an experienced, licensed and insured private investigator near you, consider the expert team of detectives at Paramount Investigative Services.

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While seemingly straightforward, many hobbyist private detectives in L.A. frequently approach surveillance cases with an unprofessional degree of levity – jeopardizing the outcome of your case and potentially pushing the subject further into hiding or alerting them to the presence of surveillance over the upcoming months.

Rather than compromising a future professional private investigator’s work by alerting a surveillance subject, trust the surveillance experts at Paramount Investigative Services to perform the necessary surveillance quickly, efficiently, and discretely. Working through the night and around the clock to obtain the required evidence for your case, Paramount Investigative Services utilizes the latest in surveillance technology: drones, hidden cameras, high-definition video recorders and more are all at the disposal of Paramount Investigative Services’ extensive surveillance arsenal.


A specialized branch of surveillance, Paramount Investigative Services’ missing persons and witness location services identify individuals quickly – regardless of their location within California and beyond. With three available levels of service to correspond with the complexity of your case, Paramount Investigative Services confidently utilizes skip-trace experts, proprietary databases and extensive fieldwork if necessary to assist attorneys and residents alike in the location of individuals from Orange County to Ventura County.

Cheating Spouse Investigations

An unfortunately common category of private investigation clientele in Los Angeles, Paramount Investigative Services has identified countless unfaithful spouses throughout the L.A. and Orange County areas. Approaching every case with discretion and employing every legally available tool (such as GPS trackers), Paramount Investigative Services provides our clients with the peace of mind they deserve. When seeking a licensed and insured private investigator near you to undertake an emotionally strenuous case with the proper degree of professionalism and commitment to your satisfaction, Paramount Investigative Services stands as Los Angeles’ preferred private detective.

Difficult Service of Process

Throughout twenty years of professional private investigative experience within Los Angeles, Ventura County, Orange County and beyond, Paramount Investigative Services continuously observes subjects scared into hiding by unprofessional and tactless service of process by either an inexperienced and inexpensive process server, or a sheriff’s office representative. Expedite your case and ensure your success by properly serving your subject with their court documents through the expert and experienced investigators at Paramount Investigative Services. Take a look at our high-profile service of process to see our work in action!

Crime Scene Investigations

Across Los Angeles county and Ventura county, countless million-dollar claims and cases are filed due to criminal activity, car accidents, personal injury and workers’ compensation. For businesses falling victim to the unfortunately commonplace fraudulent claim, or individuals facing the malicious claims of a scammer, proper scene investigations and documentations performed by professional investigators protects your financial stability and case’s integrity against the rigors of court, and lies of a fraudulent individual. Private investigators are capable of allocating additional time and attention to minor details of any scene – scouring every alleyway and sidewalk to uncover crucial evidence the authorities have neither the time nor resources to properly extract. Any Orange county resident or Los Angeles attorney seeking professional investigation of a crime scene near them by a professional private detective should immediately contact the expert team of investigatory specialists at Paramount Investigative Services.

Child Custody Investigations

Emotionally strenuous, complex, and unfortunately, frequently drawn-out in court, Paramount Investigative Services strives to assist righteous parents in the midst of a child custody case with the unimpeachable evidence they require to quickly and confidently win in court. Whether obtaining accurate income information of a lying parent, acquiring evidence of abusive or inappropriate behavior unbefitting of a legal guardian, or otherwise proving the selfish desire of a malicious parent to reduce monthly expenditures at the expense of a child caught in the crossfire, Paramount Investigative Services quickly embarks on the proper course of action to provide parents with the judicial restitution and evidence they deserve.

Personal Injury Investigations

Personal injury investigations are frequently undertaken by Paramount Investigative Services’ team. With a proven record of successful trials amounting in tens of millions of dollars in savings for our clients, small businesses and attorneys alike seeking assistance in acquiring uncontestable evidence against a fraudulent claim frequently turn to Paramount Investigative Services. With personal injury claims frequently extending well into the millions, the initial expense of a private investigator ultimately acts as a negligible insurance cost against the potential financial destruction of an unfairly accused business. Working tirelessly to provide our clients with the evidence they require, Paramount Investigative Services’ surveillance extends from Orange County to Downtown L.A., Ventura County and throughout the entirety of Califor

Personal Injury investigations

Attorney Services

Attorneys often view private investigators as a last resort – however, this unfortunate stigma has arisen from the countless hobbyist private investigators near Los Angeles that perform shoddy, disorderly work over an extended period of time to take advantage of their client’s budget. Paramount Investigative Services has proudly assisted numerous attorneys in high-profile cases, acquiring the requested evidence, identifying a missing witness, or properly serving court documents in an unprecedented timely manner. Working around the clock to maximize chances of encountering your subject during odd hours when they hardly suspect surveillance or interception, our experience and techniques vastly outperform comparable private investigators in Los Angeles.

Professional Service, Unparalleled Results: Paramount Investigatory Services

Often, residents, attorneys, law firms and businesses face the difficulty of selecting a professional, licensed and insured investigator for difficult cases throughout the Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County areas. With an array of private detectives in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas to select from, you may find yourself overwhelmed and confused as to who’s the best private investigator near you to accept your case. Boasting five-star ratings and glowing recommendations on numerous sites, such as Yelp, Facebook and Google, Paramount Investigative Services proudly upholds our reputation with every new case and consultation. Whether you’re looking for more information about Paramount Investigative Services, or seeking to contact us for a free consultation, our exemplary team of expert private detectives stand ready to respond to your email inquiry, or to return your call quickly and professionally. Located in Downtown L.A., and stationed in Newport Beach, Orange County, Paramount Investigative Services’ numerous office locations provide aspiring clients the ease of access they desire to confidently stop by for their consultation without leaving the comfort of their city.

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