Cheating Husband Investigations

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Infidelity Investigations in Los Angeles

Every day, across Los Angeles, infidelity occurs. While it may seem alarmist, it’s the truth – with some parts of LA county actually being home to some of the highest rates of cheating in the entire country! Wives in Los Angeles are typically either victims of infidelity themselves, or know someone in their immediate circle who were cheated on. A cheating husband can tear apart a family, and leave a faithful wife in emotional (and possibly financial) ruin. Suspecting, but not knowing for sure whether or not you’re being cheated on, is a horrible feeling in and of itself. However, if you suppress this feeling, but your suspicions ultimately come to be true, you’ll be struggling to plan and adjust to a world turned upside down. Don’t let yourself be blindsided – our cheating husband investigations can quickly and silently give you the answers you need to move forward with your life.

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Don’t Become A Victim

Our cheating husband investigation services are specially designed to quickly and discreetly gather all relevant intel, before submitting our report however you’d like to receive it. In Los Angeles, surveillance is the key to determining whether or not your husband is cheating. We’ll check to make sure his claims of staying late at work, or getting beers with the guys, are actually truthful. The best tool we have is the fact that we’re faceless, nameless strangers – people your spouse would never suspect, or even act cautiously around. Any one of your friends or acquaintances who would attempt to gather similar information would undoubtedly trigger a response of caution and guardedness from a cheater. Thus, it’s especially important that if you suspect cheating, to get in touch with a Los Angeles private investigator right away. If any indication is made that you’re onto them, they’ll likely take all necessary measures to hide their infidelity!

How To Tell If Your Husband Is Cheating

There’s a variety of signals you can use to help determine whether or not your husband is cheating on you. While your gut instinct is likely the best defense against infidelity, instinct alone often isn’t enough to encourage a spouse to call us. Here are a few behaviors to keep an eye out for, to determine whether or not you might be getting cheated on:

Staying late at the office?

While we’re all called to work late, frequent and repeated stays at “the office” late into the evening can sometimes stretch into unrealistic territory. If a pattern evolves of particular days staying late, coupled with emotionally or intimately distant behavior upon arriving home, there’s a very good chance he wasn’t actually at the office…

A change of clothes in the car?

Bringing a set of gym clothes to work isn’t strange. However, an entirely different set of casual or “nice” clothes quickly turns abnormal. Often, cheaters will bring an extra set of clothes not only to dress for the occasion, but to mask any smells that aren’t synonymous with office life.

Emotionally and intimately distant?

The final and most critical components are often disinterest in being intimate, coupled with an emotional distance. Is he getting frustrated with you more often than usual? Less patient? More prone to getting annoyed? A lot of these behaviors, especially if developed gradually over time, can indicate another figure who’s distracting him. 

Cheating Husband Investigators in Los Angeles

At Paramount Investigative Services, our team is uniquely equipped to quickly and expertly tackle cheating spouse investigations. We utilize the latest in available technology, coupled with boots-on-the-ground surveillance. We’ll double and triple-check their stories, and confirm whether or not they are where they say they’ll be. Let us be your eyes and ears, and keep yourself out of any potential heartbreak or drama. Contact Paramount Investigative Services for your free consultation today!