Preliminary Surveillance

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Preemptive Surveillance: The Best Offense is Defense

While many insurance defense investigations jump straight to performing social media surveillance, or even an activity check (when time is of the essence), at Paramount Investigative Services, we believe a preemptive measure can often mean the difference between a winning court case, and a losing one. Many surveillance subjects, particularly in cases of fraudulent personal injury or workers’ compensation claims, will only improve their act over time. Thus, catching them early on in the lie is essential to obtaining indisputable photo and video evidence against their bogus insurance claim. 

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Our Investigative Methods:

As experienced Los Angeles private investigators with experience working alongside businesses and private parties alike, we’ve learned the typical patterns and preferred scamming methods of fraudulent individuals. Over time, they’ve honed their craft to fool even discerning inspectors and insurance agencies. We target our surveillance in the areas we know they’re not counting on: the mundane, the overlooked. Fraudulent individuals tend to slip up in their lie early on, before they’ve had time to both fully develop their story, and the physical acting that goes along with it. Thus, basic activities like going to the hardware store, grocery shopping, getting packages or the mail, and getting in and out of their car are still performed with normalcy. Once formalities start and additional scrutiny is placed on their behavior, their act often becomes much more deeply ingrained – making it nearly impossible to obtain convincing evidence.

Why Preliminary Surveillance?

As we mentioned, fraudulent individuals develop their new (fake) habits over time. With the courts backed up, and with investigations and court arguments taking time, the subject in question will often tighten up their act over the weeks and months that follow. If you’re nearing the end of a months-long battle, it’s likely starting a private investigator on surveillance will cost more, as they’ll need to switch from a surgical, targeted approach, to an around-the-clock method to try to catch any slip-ups. Our preliminary surveillance service aims to prevent the budget crunch later in an investigation, by striking while the iron’s hot and gathering the intel needed, before it’s actually required. Look at preliminary surveillance as your insurance against false insurance claims!

Insurance Defense Private Investigator in Los Angeles: Paramount Investigative Services

If you’re convinced you or your business is a victim of a false and fraudulent insurance claim, contact us today to discuss your options for a preliminary surveillance service. We’ll work to catch the fraudulent individual in their act, so you can confidently provide your attorney with indisputable evidence a court won’t ignore.