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Cheating Spouse Investigations

An unfortunately common occurrence throughout Los Angeles, cases regarding suspected cheating spouses regularly require our services. Having performed surveillance on numerous high-profile individuals to obtain evidence of infidelity, Paramount Investigative Services provides the peace of mind our clients desire discreetly and professionally. Should you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, the team of expert surveillance investigators at Paramount Investigative Services are waiting to assist you however necessary to provide the closure and solace you desire.

While infidelity remains a constant issue in Los Angeles, surrounding residents in Orange County and Ventura County may find themselves skeptical of their spouse’s suspicious behavior, and decide to seek the assistance of a private investigator. At Paramount Investigative Services, our various offices throughout the Los Angeles region offer the ability to consult a private investigator near you without leaving the comfort of your county and venturing into dense Los Angeles traffic. For residents in Downtown LA, our office within the U.S. Bank Tower provides an easily accessed location for fast and unassuming consultations – giving you the freedom to go about your day, knowing a team of experts are carefully assessing your difficult situation.

How to Tell If Your Spouse Is Cheating on You

Having spent countless months on cheating spouse cases, Paramount Investigative Services has developed a comprehensive list of behaviors that typically point to infidelity:

  • He/she hides their phone screen while texting
  • He/she lies about their whereabouts and accompanying individuals
  • A sudden change in habits (a new gym membership, clothing, etc)
  • Emotionally distant or sexually stagnant
  • He/she suddenly changes their phone password
  • He/she deletes their calls/messages
  • Purchasing a second phone
  • Hiding an extra set of clothes in the trunk of their car
  • Unusual work hours or abnormal work hours

While various other behaviors may draw your attention and cast doubt on the relationship, the above behaviors indicate a larger issue that doubtlessly weighs on your conscious daily – causing immense emotional and mental strain. Committed to assisting distraught and skeptical residents throughout Los Angeles and Orange County by obtaining the evidence they desire, Paramount Investigative Services quickly identifies cheating spouses to confirm or dispel suspicions of infidelity.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment Utilized by Professionals

Paramount Investigative Services’ team of expert surveillance detectives performs discreet surveillance around the clock using advanced equipment to ensure the subject doesn’t notice our presence, or even suspect they’re being followed. Our team often legally utilizes drones, GPS trackers and a network of field investigators to quickly and efficiently obtain the evidence you need.

Having received all necessary information regarding your spouse and the suspected participant during your consultation, Paramount Investigative Services immediately embarks to intercept and observe without drawing undue attention. While comparable investigators approach surveillance investigations lacking subtlety, only performing their work during daylight hours, and even hiring inexperienced, unlicensed and uninsured individuals to perform their work for them, Paramount Investigative Services employs licensed and insured investigators to ensure your case receives the attention to detail it deserves.

Suspect Your Spouse Is Unfaithful? Contact Paramount Investigative Services

Speculating about whether or not your spouse is cheating on you can have a massive impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing – decreasing motivation, distracting you at work, and understandably causing a mixture of anger, disappointment and depression. Rather than letting this destructive mixture deteriorate your sanity, contact Paramount Investigative Services at your earliest convenience for a consultation. Continually striving to provide the efficient, affordable and professional private investigation services residents throughout Los Angeles require, Paramount Investigative Services proudly assists distraught individuals in obtaining the peace of mind they desire through our cheating spouse surveillance services. Email our office to schedule a consultation or inquire regarding our rates, or give us a call at your earliest convenience to speak with a Paramount Investigative Services representative about your case to learn what our services can do for you.