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Believe us when we say: In this business, we have seen and done it all. There’s no situation we haven’t heard, so you have nothing to fear requesting our services. We understand that private investigation is just that — private, and we would be happy to help you find a solution. Our team will work through your problem professionally and discreetly to help you discover the unknown. Are your workers compensation claims through the roof? Let us investigate to find out if the claims are legitimate. Need to know what an employee is up to when they are “out in the field?” We can find out. Do you suspect your spouse is having an affair? We will find out. Don’t leave any of these situations to chance — trust your instincts, and hire Los Angeles’s premier private investigator to do the work for you.


If you need to locate someone, there are two levels of service we provide. The first is online, where we dig into the person’s social media activity and scour special databases. Combined, this can help us find out what they’ve been up to. The second level is to follow-up our research in the field. We run real estate records then travel to the uncovered addresses, run license plates, and chat with neighbors. The cost is different for each case, but will be the price of a Level One, plus hours worked in the field.


There are many reasons you might want surveillance, but it boils down to one question: What is X person up to? We can find out for you. We’ve worked countless personal injury, workers compensation, and child custody investigations and always find the truth. Likewise, if you suspect you have a cheating spouse, we’ll get to the bottom of it and give you proof they are being unfaithful. We can even do simple background checks. More About Our Surveillance Service's

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Customer Testimonails

Ken is a very professional and caring investigator. He cares about you and your thought, and he tried his best to accomplish your goal.

Sarah C. Arcadia, CA
Customer Testimonails

Thank you, Mr Childs. Your service exceeded all our expectations. We would highly recommend your services to anyone with no hesitation.

Lisa N. San Gabriel, CA
Customer Testimonails

Ken is a professional who was very helpful with my situation. He is discreet and communicates with his clients in a timely manner. I highly recommend!

Libby F. Los Angeles, CA

Personal Injury Investigations

Not all personal injury claims are fraudulent, but since it is now well known that insurance companies are willing to pay the settlement, it’s always worth looking into. This is true if the insurance company or attorney doesn’t even suspect fraud, but just wants to check on the person in question and see if they are healing well. Often, the person isn’t as injured as they claim to be, and they get away with it all the time!

Today’s fraudsters are more savvy than ever, with plenty of resources at their fingertips to learn how to get away with a personal injury claim, as well as personal injury attorneys warning them about surveillance investigators like us. I’ve even seen a person put on the full act, barely able to walk and in bandages and braces, win their lawsuit, then laugh and tear off their bandages and braces right outside in their attorney’s car! I wish I were kidding

That’s why when you hire Paramount Investigative Services for a personal injury investigation, you’ll get an all-out assault to get to the bottom of things, including background checks and surveillance. We are well-versed in fraud behavior and know what to look for to either confirm a legitimate case, or catch a fraud. More About Injury Investigations

Workers Compensation Investigations

Workers compensation claims are costing insurance companies millions, and have become a real problem in California in particular. We’ve personally seen a bogus claim cause enough financial damage to close a small business, so we don’t take these cases lightly.
Workers compensation surveillance is a specialty of Paramount Investigative Services. Like with personal injury claims, these fraudsters are generally well-informed by their attorneys and know we are coming, but through careful investigation, we know how to deliver unparalleled results. We gather intel through background and social media checks along with a few days of surveillance.
Our tactical investigative work has helped numerous clients who needed support with claim denials or fraud cases. We’ve even sent two people in question to jail. More About Workers Comp Investigations

Child Custody Investigations

Child custody cases are extremely emotional and will be difficult on the families involved. Some cases are more complex than others, but they almost always come down to surveillance. Most cases involve a parent seeking more child custody payments, while in others a parent will lie about their income or lack of employment. In the worst cases, the parent has become physically or verbally abusive to the child and/or using drugs.
Paramount Investigative Services can handle all of these situations. We will discuss your case at great length to determine your exact needs, then begin with a few days of surveillance to document any suspicious activity on video. We will also run a social media and background check to all parties involved, including the guardians, nannies, or even new boyfriends or girlfriends. Your attorney can take our solid intel and use it in your favor in court.More About Child Custody Investigations

Cheating Partner/Spouse Investigations

If you suspect your partner or spouse is cheating for whatever reason, we can provide expert surveillance to find out. Whether they are lying about their whereabouts or being sketchy on the phone, we will look into the situation and get to the bottom of it. If you’re slightly suspicious but want a little help noticing the signs of a cheater, we’ve got a checklist to follow. More About Spouse Investigations