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Whether you’re an attorney seeking fast, efficient witness location, an Orange County resident suspecting their spouse is having an affair, or a Ventura County area small business facing a suspected fraudulent worker’s compensation claim, Paramount Investigative Services’ surveillance services swiftly obtain and produce the unimpeachable evidence you require with unparalleled efficiency.

Helmed by lead investigator Ken Childs, Paramount Investigative Services’ team of surveillance detectives are expertly trained to remain incognito and discreet throughout the entirety of our investigation – avoiding contextual action and disruption to obtain clean, clear, concise evidence: sharp images, steady video, and unmistakably clear audio. While inexperienced or hobbyist investigators may approach your case with a degree of levity, as a twenty-year investigatory veteran, Ken Childs approaches every surveillance case with the same professionalism and steadfast commitment. From lawyers to single mothers, small businesses to large insurance firms, attorneys and beyond, Ken Childs boasts an extensive resume as an experienced surveillance expert throughout Los Angeles, accompanied by his network of expertly trained investigators who, when fully mobilized, produce unmatched evidence in a timely manner – saving our clients time and money.

The Paramount Investigative Services Difference

Experienced Surveillance Experts: Proven, Expeditious Results

Having stood as a witness in numerous trials, and furnished uncontestable evidence in numerous cases resulting in the swift and indisputable conviction of the defendant(s), Ken Childs and Paramount Investigative Services acquires the surveillance evidence required to definitively convict or otherwise prove beyond a reasonable doubt the guilt of the individual(s) in question. While comparable private investigators near you may claim competitive rates, their inexperienced tactics and results could potentially cost you your case – resulting in not only the loss of potential compensation from a favorable verdict, but the entirety of the funds spent on the inferior investigator.

The Los Angeles private investigator field is rife with formidable contenders – however, a select few boast the extensive resume of proven results as Paramount Investigative Services. Entrust your case to the surveillance experts at Paramount Investigative Services to maximize your chances of receiving a favorable outcome in court, or in obtaining the necessary information you seek on a particular individual. From locating missing family members to fugitives, obtaining evidence of threats against a you or your peers by a fellow coworker to properly bring charges against them, or any other variety of surveillance-based case, Paramount Investigative Services confidently embarks on assisting in the swift resolution of your case with steadfast conviction.

Our Equipment

Advanced, Innovative Technology

While comparable investigators may boast about their utilization of expensive equipment, Paramount Investigative Services recognizes that the acquisition of evidence lies in the abilities of the individual obtaining it – not the camera itself. An inexperienced and uncommitted private detective with an expensive 4K or 8K-capable camera isn’t any more likely to obtain the evidence you require than a passerby with a smartphone.

Paramount Investigative Services utilizes the latest in imaging technology to maximize our chances of obtaining faultless evidence. From the DJI™ Mavic Pro drones to discrete pen cameras, our extensive surveillance arsenal for each case includes whatever equipment is deemed necessary to furnish the results you require. Having proudly provided crisp, clear video, photo and audio evidence without fail for countless Ventura County, Orange County, and Los Angeles area residents and businesses, Paramount Investigative Services strives to exceed expectations for every client we undertake. Contact Us or stop by our downtown Los Angeles office at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation with a surveillance expert to receive the professional surveillance services you require, from a licensed, insured, and nationally-recognized private investigator near you.