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Homeless or missing in LA

Similar in nature to our “Locates” service, Paramount Investigative Services draws upon decades of experience scouring the Los Angeles area to find a missing person. Utilizing everything from police database records to skip-trace experts and field surveillance, our in-depth approach to finding missing persons far exceeds the scope of any law enforcement’s approach. We get boots on the ground fast, and communicate in-depth with the homeless population throughout LA to pinpoint the location of anyone off the beaten path.

As licensed, insured and certified private investigators with decades of experience exclusively in the private investigation field, our team of experienced investigators embarks on missing person locates with confidence. We know who’s conning us and who isn’t, what information is accurate and what’s deceptive, what leads to follow and what trails lead to dead ends. Through a combination of in-depth knowledge of the city and an efficient approach to fieldwork often absent from other private investigators’ techniques, Paramount Investigative Services ensures your case receives the attention and careful consideration it deserves.

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What Makes Us Different?

Law enforcement often attempts to locate missing individuals, yet frequently lacks the manpower and time available to perform adequate surveillance. In a large city with constant crime, police departments are already spread thin, and would rather focus their resources on addressing “real crime”. It might not seem like it, but the police’s method for finding missing persons is to simply wait it out – for weeks, months, or even years! The longer you wait to begin a search for a missing individual, the harder it will become for any investigator to find them. The first 48 hours are the most crucial when searching for a missing person – with the likelihood of finding them dramatically dropping off after the 72-hour mark.

All too often, the police either fail to find a missing individual altogether, or if they do eventually find them, officers aren’t always eager to welcome a smelly homeless person into their car – opting to leave them on the street and let the case go unsolved. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this first-hand on several occasions.

If you’re looking to efficiently locate an individual, a private investigator greatly increases your chances – don’t wait for the police. Between social media surveillance and field surveillance, private investigators can dedicate the time and resources to covering every possible area to help find the individual you’re looking for.

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Locates Vs. Missing Person Investigations

While our locate services are more aimed toward attorneys and our clientele searching for an evasive or hiding witness, our missing person investigation services aim to provide peace of mind to residents searching for a missing wife, husband, son, daughter, friend or any other close individual. If a family member of yours has gone missing and you’re looking to maximize your chances of finding them as quickly as possible, consider the assistance of a professional private investigator in Los Angeles. In collaboration with law enforcement or on our own, private investigators are willing to go above and beyond to ensure your case receives the attention to detail it deserves to result in your loved one’s discovery.

Paramount Investigative Services: Highly Experienced in High-Profile Missing Persons Cases

Having demonstrated our investigative prowess on The Dr. Phil Show in the location of Darbi Dillon, Paramount Investigative Services and lead investigator Ken Childs has performed numerous additional missing person locations in the years after. While other private investigators in Los Angeles rely strictly on antiquated surveillance techniques and outdated online surveillance, Paramount Investigative Services seamlessly combines tried-and-true techniques with the latest in investigative advancements – such as drones, GPS trackers and more. With a proven track record reaching back over two decades in the Los Angeles area from Pasadena to Ventura and beyond, Paramount Investigative Services stands as LA’s preferred private detective for any and all investigative needs.

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Find Your Missing Loved One Fast – Contact Paramount Investigative Services Today!

As stated above, finding a missing person is most effective when acting immediately. Why rely on the limited time and resources of the police alone when you can employ the additional expertise of an experienced private investigator in addition to any other measures you’ve already taken? Maximize your chances of locating a missing person – contact Paramount Investigative Services today for your free consultation! Once receiving your case information, we’ll be in touch ASAP to begin working on your missing persons case.