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Medical Canvassing – Paramount Investigative Services

An emergent field within the private investigation landscape, medical canvassing has quickly become a common request of clients across the nation. Attorneys often search for any additional information that could assist in a targeted subpoena to aid in a personal injury or fraudulent workers’ compensation case. Through leveraging our medical canvassing services from qualified, licensed and insured private investigators from the claims side, we’re capable of providing medical canvassing services for a flat rate of $1,199!

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What Is It, What Does It Include?

Medical canvassing is the process in which a private investigator identifies a reasonable area in which a suspected fraudulent individual could (or could not) be seeking treatment or medical care, then calls all possible locations and reachable individuals within those locations to acquire any accessible information regarding the subject’s presence in those locations, along with any sort of additional information on their visit. Through turning over the right stones and through a delicate approach in conversation, we’re often able to uncover where a subject has been, where they “may have been to”, and what sort of procedures they “may or may not have received”. The results of the medical canvassing calls often arm attorneys with the targeted information necessary to successfully subpoena the information for use in court against a suspected fraudulent individual.

Our medical canvassing service leverages a real, licensed and insured private investigator who specializes in medical canvassing. The investigator will place dozens of calls throughout a defined area to clinics, specialists’ offices, hospitals, and other locations that fit the nature of the case. The detective will then delicately approach conversation with unparalleled tact, and utilize techniques PIs and interrogators frequently employ to legally extract information without appearing suspicious. The result typically includes clear information regarding the subject, their whereabouts, and what procedures they have or have not been receiving

The Ideal Surveillance Precursor

As private investigators in Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin and other major cities throughout both Texas and California, we’re well aware of the sentiment most attorneys have toward surveillance and private investigators as a whole. Surveillance costs can rise dramatically when performed without a clear direction and only vague leads. We strongly recommend a combination of our social media searches service, alongside our flat-rate medical canvassing service to pinpoint a subject’s location and habits before setting off into the field for surveillance. This highly informed and targeted approach consistently yields more accurate, irrefutable results without running up the cost by burning unnecessary surveillance hours.

Paramount Investigative Services: Our Lifelong Commitment to Client Satisfaction

During our over twenty-year tenure in the Los Angeles area, with newly founded locations outside LA county and into Texas, we’ve heard it all from dissatisfied attorneys regarding other PI firms. From day one, we’ve committed to becoming lifelong partners with our clients through industry-defining service, unmatched results, and an unparalleled adherence to an appropriate budget that does not become needlessly inflated to run up the bill. We know what our margins are, which allows us to provide exemplary service without an exorbitant price. Contact Paramount Investigative Services today to speak with one of our private detectives to learn more about our medical canvassing service!