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If you’re a business, private party, or attorney either in the midst of, or anticipating a prolonged defense case, you’re doing so due to suspected exaggeration or worse yet, fraud. Los Angeles has seen a massive spike in both fraudulent workers’ compensation claims, and personal injury claims in the last two years alone – leaving many attorneys working around the clock to attempt to obtain as much evidence as they can so their clients don’t fall prey to yet another one of these scammers. However, as the years pass, fraudulent claims become more nuanced and harder to disprove. As Insurance Defense investigators, it’s our job to keep our ears to the ground on all the latest tactics and methods – leaving us uniquely equipped to detect, record, and submit evidence disproving the act of any suspected fraudulent claimant.

When you choose Paramount Investigative Services Inc., you benefit from the knowledge and experience of the best private investigators in Los Angeles. We invite you to read our Five Star Google and our Five Star Yelp reviews for yourself to see why we’re the trusted choice for investigative services in LA.

Expert Private Investigator Ken Childs

How can you tell if your dealing with a unscrupulous personal injury attorney?

The one question I have to ask you is: Did you or worse yet, your client, receive a summons & complaint along with discovery demands and notice to depose the defendant? If you’ve received this out of the gate, you are in a world of hurt! This firm is going to attack and drive that cost of what should be a reasonable settlement into the stratosphere. Call our insurance defense investigators for a free consultation. You’re going to need it.

How to tell if a claim is fraudulent, and what to do next

Initially, you should ask yourself whether or not the claim seems legitimate. While this may sound overly simple, a gut feeling often leads business owners and private parties to uncovering a fraudulent lie. Many discount their feelings and doubts as conspiratorial or even wishful thinking, and end up becoming victims of emotionally manipulative scammers with good acting skills. If you’re questioning the events leading up to an injury, or the initial story of the individual just doesn’t sit right, you’re likely onto something.

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Todays personal injury attorney attacks and disrupts the system

Todays personal injury claims are an absolute nightmare. We believe this is in part of the legislation change years ago that allowed attorneys to advertise. It all started with Jacoby & Meyers. We all remember the man in front of the camera “They got me 2.4 million!” Now when you drive down the 110 or 710 freeways into Los Angeles you see nothing but billboards advertising; Morgan & Morgan, 818 Justice, Super Woman Super Lawyer, and the most vocal of all in Los Angeles “”

I can’t speak about these firms exactly but I can tell you that the personal injury claims is nearly a trillion dollar market! According to in 2022 the market was 58 Billion dollars and is expected to increase exponentially. These firms now have the support of those that invest in litigation funding. These investors help the firms take more cases to earn more money. -It’s all about the money! This in turn allows them to cattle call cases, fund them, win or settle, to then advertise even more. It comes full circle.

These personal injury attorneys are expert disrupters. They take classes on how to attack the system and disrupt the case’s timelines. The first thing they do is send policy limit demands. Once these demands get ignored, they’re going to attack the policy caps and get them removed. Now your 30K claim is worth a few hundred thousand.

The second thing they will do to disrupt is object to your subpoenas language arguing that it is to vague and seek sanctions. Most of the time they won’t win but they don’t care about winning it. They care about driving the cost of the claim up! Next, is motions to Quash!.

Call an expert insurance defense investigators for surveillance now!

If you haven’t already contacted an attorney by this point, but are still suspicious about either a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim, it’s our recommendation to speak with one immediately. Attorneys are familiar with patterns of fraud, and can immediately offer you council on whether or not you should contest the claim. We also recommend our preliminary surveillance service, which is a specially designed type of activity check developed to obtain convincing evidence before the subject has time to solidify their story and act. Between these two actions, you’ll have quickly protected yourself from potential financial ruin. However, the successful completion of your case in court will be the final determination – which is where the combination of a committed attorney and a skillful private investigator come into play.

How Can we help?

As private investigators in Los Angeles, we’ve handled hundreds of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases alongside California’s top attorneys. With millions of dollars in the balance, our field surveillance, online intelligence gathering and general activity checks have saved our clients massive sums – protecting them against complete financial ruin at the hands of these scammers. A private investigator can work with your attorney, or with you directly, to uncover massive quantities of readily available and private information on the individual in question. Everything from record retrievals to uncover previous convictions, employment background and internet activities, to their daily habits and physical exertions they’ll go on to claim in court are “impossible” for them to perform. Put simply, private investigators can catch liars in the act, record it, and submit it to the clients as indisputable evidence. We can also serve as expert witnesses and testify to the validity of our evidence.

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Los Angeles’ Top Private Investigators: Paramount Investigative Services

With over two decades of experience in Los Angeles as private investigators, we proudly stand as one of a select few agencies that has consistently provided attorneys and clients with the services they seek. Our record speaks for itself – with tens of millions saved due to our acquired evidence, no other private investigator in Los Angeles can provide the support, surveillance, and expertise you need to successfully defend your case. If you’re an attorney seeking assistance in acquiring court-admissible evidence, along with an experienced investigator unafraid to testify, look no further than LA’s top investigators at Paramount Investigative Services. Call or email us today for a free consultation!

Ken Childs

Author Consultant

Paramount Investigative Services Inc. is a highly reputable private investigation agency based in Los Angeles, boasting over 25 years of experience in the field. Founded and led by expert witness and author Ken Childs, the agency offers a comprehensive range of investigative services to clients, including insurance fraud detection, infidelity investigations, background checks, and legal support for attorneys. With a proven track record and a commitment to professionalism, Paramount Investigative Services Inc. stands out as a trusted choice for individuals, businesses, and legal professionals seeking reliable and discreet investigative solutions in Los Angeles.