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From Poor Parenting to Abuse of Child Support Payments, Child Custody Investigations Expose All: From Huntington Beach to Glendale and beyond, family law cases are on the rise. With countless families strained by the misuse of child support payments, unfair child custody rulings, and possibly unsafe conditions for a child at the hands of an ex-partner, joining forces with an experienced private investigator can help you to regain control over your family’s lives. Don’t suffer the continuous emotional and financial strain of your former partner’s ineptitude, and ensure a happy, healthy future for your child – let the surveillance experts at Paramount Investigative Services gather the evidence needed for you to make an indisputable case in court.

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What Can A Private Investigator Do To Help? Paramount Investigative Services Has The Answer

During your free phone or email consultation, we’ll discuss your case in-depth to determine the most efficient approach to deliver maximal results. We’ve spent decades working alongside attorneys and serving as expert witnesses in high-profile court cases, which allows us to gather evidence specifically tailored for court usage. We’re committed to the favorable outcome of your case – especially for investigations centered around the wellbeing of children.

While law enforcement has its restrictions, a private investigator can spend days on end gathering evidence of your former partner’s spending habits and parenting techniques (or lack thereof). After gathering the evidence needed, you’ll have the peace of mind not only knowing exactly what’s happening around your child, but also that your case will withstand the rigors of court with ease.

Identifying Wrongdoing: Various Case Types

Typically, these investigations reveal difficult truths. We commonly encounter instances where both parents want custody more than the other, and will go to great lengths to accomplish this (without considering the wellbeing of the child). Another case we unfortunately encounter frequently is one parent attempting to decrease their monthly child support payments. For both case types, the parent in question will falsify their income, lie about their employment status, lie about their habits and possibly even conceal dangerous and abusive behavior toward the child – whether physically, emotionally, verbally or mentally. Most often, however, the parent in question will drop off the child at a relative’s house while they go to work – an effective way to keep their high child support payments while earning more money.

Where is your Child? Who’s watching your children while the ex is at work?

Is your child talking about staying in or visiting places that sound oddly familiar – like a relative’s home or apartment? It’s likely your former partner is concealing their true finances and dropping your child off at a grandparent or relative’s home while they attend work. Not only does this defeat the purpose of shared custody (allowing them to spend quality time with their child), but it’s also a triable offense as they’re lying to the court about their finances and employment status. Don’t let these transgressions pass you by – hire a private investigator to discover the truth, and provide the upbringing your child needs while saving your financial stability!

How We Approach Child Custody Investigations

Working off the initial suspicions of our clients, we perform a few days’ worth of subtle surveillance to gather initial evidence about the individual’s habits and behaviors. We capture any and all unsavory activity on video, and even run background checks on any other persons in the household that could have a criminal background (such as violent offenders and sexual predators) and pose a threat to your child. Following our in-depth surveillance and initial investigation, we’ll provide a comprehensive report, pictures, video evidence and even provide expert testimony in court to assist in convincing the judge to make the right decision.

How we do child custody investigations

Child Custody Investigation FAQs

It goes without saying that if you’re attempting to gain child custody, you need evidence to prove your stance in court. The judge won’t accept just a “he said, she said” argument – you need indisputable proof if you want a chance at success. That’s where a qualified private investigator comes in. A licensed, insured, and experienced Los Angeles private investigator can gather video evidence, and serve as an expert witness in court to provide the judge with hard evidence to support your claims. In addition, any communication you have with the child’s other parent can be used as great evidence – so don’t delete any texts or emails. However, you’ll need more than just communication to ensure your case goes smoothly, so it’s best to obtain the assistance of an expert PI in addition to your attorney.

Who wins most child custody cases?

While you’ve likely heard a lot of rumors about which parent is most likely to win in a child custody battle, those rumors have arisen out of poor preparation before court on the part of the losing party. Put bluntly, whoever has the most convincing and definitive evidence will win. If you’re able to demonstrate, through hard facts, the other parent’s ineptitude, your chances of success skyrocket – regardless of any other factors. Thus, it’s always best to obtain the assistance of a private investigator before going to court for a child custody case, especially in a scenario where you’re fighting for the wellbeing of your child against their other parent’s negligence or ineptitude.

How long does a child custody case take in California?

Child custody cases, once they’re underway, can take anywhere from a few months, to over a year – it all depends on the quantity and quality of evidence provided. In instances where you’re able to prove, clearly and beyond any doubt, an unsafe or unhealthy scenario for a child, a judge is more likely to conclude your trial swiftly. Without hiring a private investigator to assist in your case, you and your attorney may struggle to convince the judge based on available information alone. With the help of a PI, you can show video evidence, acquire witness statements, and infinitely more hard evidence a judge will be less likely to dwell on. If you want your case over faster, with fewer hang-ups along the way, a private investigator is crucial to any child custody case.

How do I get full custody in Los Angeles?

In extreme cases, where a child’s health and safety is in question, a judge is likely to rule in favor of sole custody. However, to reach such a ruling, indisputable evidence against shared custody must be provided to the court. A private investigator can help to obtain such evidence – video to audio evidence, coupled with expert testimony, can often be enough to convince a judge of an individual’s inability to be a viable parent or guardian. Consult with your attorney, and hire a private investigator today to ensure the success of your child custody case!

How is child custody determined in California?

As with any court ruling, a variety of factors come into play. In typical scenarios, things like age, health, emotional ties, and community ties of the child all are considered. However, in many instances where a private investigator is called to assist in a case, there’s a concern from one parent about something severe like child abuse, misuse of child support payments, or another form of harmful deceit that’s impacting the child’s life, happiness, and wellbeing. Thus, in instances where child custody is called into question, the judge will factor in these much more serious elements to a significantly greater degree. While the aforementioned factors are the determining factors in typical cases, atypical cases where a parent is concerned for their child’s wellbeing while in the hands of the other parent are usually impacted by these much more serious factors. A private investigator can greatly assist your attorney in proving maltreatment of your child or financial dishonesty, increasing your chance of a favorable ruling.

Can a private investigator work with an attorney for child custody cases?

Yes! Private investigators across Los Angeles work with attorneys on a daily basis to more efficiently resolve client’s cases. PIs are commonly called to assist in child custody cases, in which the stakes are usually much higher due to the involvement of a child’s wellbeing. If your attorney hasn’t requested the assistance of a private investigator for your upcoming child custody case, ask about the involvement of one today – it can mean the difference between a ruling in your favor, or one that leaves your child in harm’s way.

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Having spent over two decades as a private investigator in Los Angeles, Paramount Investigative Services’ lead investigator Ken Childs boasts the experience and reputation to deliver the results you need with unparalleled professionalism. Paramount Investigative Services’ team of licensed and insured investigators work tirelessly to form a network of private detectives capable of following, recording, and then acting as a witness to a potential bad parent’s behavior in court. Trust your case’s success to Los Angeles’ premier private investigators: Paramount Investigative Services. With countless testimonials from satisfied clients of our child custody investigation services, Paramount Investigative Services’ surveillance and investigation services remain unparalleled in LA. Give us a call or email today for a free consultation!