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Throughout an extensive career as a professional licensed and insured private investigator in Los Angeles, 20-year investigatory veteran Ken Childs and his team of exemplary private detectives at Paramount Investigative Services confidently surpass the competition with unparalleled professionalism and a commitment to the absolute satisfaction of our clients throughout the Los Angeles area. Offering a variety of services ranging from identification and acquisition of evidence for fraudulent workers' compensation claims, to spouse infidelity suspicions and beyond, Paramount Investigative Services has not only earned a reputation as the premier private investigator in Los Angeles, but a mainstay of investigatory and surveillance services nationwide. When looking to hire a private investigator in Los Angeles, Ken Childs and his team of surveillance experts at Paramount Investigative Services stand as the optimal choice.


Locate Services and Available Levels

Depending on the complexity and intensity of your case, Paramount Investigative Services will employ the suitable usage of advanced technological systems, field work, and online investigation to produce your desired results. Our locate services offers three levels, appropriately selected to suit your particular case for optimal results while adhering to your budget:

Level One: $150 to $350

Utilizes online proprietary database searches, DMV and Property searches & Social media utilization

Level Two: Call Us for A Quote

Employs all the level one techniques & Fieldwork including interviews and license plate identification

Level Three: Call Us for A Quote

Skip trace experts perform in-depth searches online & Extensive fieldwork including surveillance and interviews to obtain crucial information

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75% of all the cases we receive could have been resolved quicker if the client called sooner. In some cases we were able to resolve the clients problem for FREE!


Various Services

Offering a variety of available services, Paramount Investigative Services holds the solution to a variety of predicaments within Los Angeles. When looking to hire a private investigator, it's crucial to select a team of individuals not only devoted to your optimal outcome, but who remain professional and steadfast in their commitment to uncovering the information you require. While our services may prove a larger initial investment than our competitors', our clients receive the assurance of mutually beneficial satisfaction. Providing more than simple surveillance and locates, our vast array of services include:

Utilizing the latest in innovative and advanced technology, our surveillance services extend beyond the scope of our competitors. Employing tried-and-true methodology and technology to result in unimpeachable evidence, our techniques frequently withstand the rigorous examination by courts of law to provide our clients with the restitution they deserve. From surveillance on a cheating partner or spouse to surveillance of fugitives, suspected criminals, and a variety of other unsavory individuals, our ability to discretely and expeditiously obtain and deliver your desired information stretches far beyond the capabilities of our closest competitor. To learn more about our surveillance services throughout Los Angeles, either give us a call or stop by our office in downtown Los Angeles.

Our investigative consultation services, in conjunction with our extensive surveillance capabilities, has garnered worldwide attention through our televised success on The Dr Phil Show with the case of Darbi Dillon. Successfully saving clients millions of dollars and assisting in their receival of large quantities in court-awarded compensation, Paramount Investigative Services' investigative consultation services vastly outstrip those of our competition throughout Los Angeles.

  • Personal Injury Investigation
  • With fraudulent activities and personal injury claims consistently increasing in both monetary quantity and frequency, protecting you and your company against a fraudulent claim with a reputable private investigator is a crucial safeguard. After having received a claim and obtained the assistance of Paramount Investigative Services, we will investigate the individual in question to ensure their act doesn't reach beyond the courtroom and into your bank account. Having successfully protected a variety of clients against absurd claims, we are confident in our abilities to identify and disassemble even the most thorough fraudulent claim.

    With the emboldening of fraudulent behavior due to previously successful scams, Paramount Investigative Services has subsequently become specialized in identifying and dismantling even the most well-informed fraud. With successfully presented evidence resulting in jail time for two fraudulent individuals, and innumerable successful tactical investigations resulting in the mitigation or deletion of fraudulent compensation claims, Paramount Investigative Services' unparalleled results and impeccable evidence-obtaining strategies reveals our services as ideal for Los Angeles companies and small businesses from becoming the victim of a fraudulent workers' compensation claim.

    The emotional strife and unanticipated familial tension experienced throughout a child custody case proves significantly more complex and strenuous than other types of cases. With most cases featuring one parent seeking child custody payments disproportionate to the appropriate quantity, or outright lying about their employment, receiving the services of a reputable private investigator is integral to your financial and emotional wellbeing. Should the case involve additional degrees of severity, in the event of an abusive parent or drug usage, Paramount Investigative Services will discuss at great lengths with you to determine your exact needs, and the ideal course of action to expeditiously provide the results you desire to live stress-free and financially stable. Utilizing all available methods to ensure compete satisfaction, Los Angeles citizens seeking the peace of mind and assurance accompanied by a court-backed ruling in their favor will find the evidence obtained and presented by Paramount Investigative Services crucial to their attorney's case - resulting in your financial and emotional stability.

    Our team of professional, authorized private investigators are willing and able to collect records from court - assisting in streamlining and simplifying your case's process. With various factors influencing the expeditiousness of our services, such as cost, turnaround time, and record order prior to retrieval, the speed and cost of these services will inevitably vary, and do carry some restrictions. Due to various legal and timeframe roadblocks, we cannot accommodate the retrieval of birth or death certificates. However, we do collect:

    Through our timely and efficient services, our clients not only receive the assurance of professional service, but personalized attentiveness to ensure your utmost satisfaction throughout what could otherwise be a strenuous, daunting and arduous process.

    An impeccable documentation of a crime scene or documented imagery of a disputed event remains the preferred method of objectively demonstrating, without concession or compromise, your case. Without proper documentation, cases may devolve into hearsay or pit your word against another - resulting in indecision or gridlock. Through the utilization of advanced technology, such as 4k video via drone footage, Paramount Investigative Services provides clients with the rigorous crime scene investigation they require to adequately defend or prosecute their respective case. Don't leave your case up to chance - employ the services of seasoned investigatory veterans to ensure your best possible outcome.

    Our commitmentz to providing the best witness testimony possible extends from anything from a workers' compensation investigation to a child custody case, a missing persons investigation and a variety of other cases in which our evidence and services may be best utilized. While other private investigators do not boast accolades such as twenty years of experience, licensing, insurance, and an extensive resume of satisfied clients, our commitment to the success of your case extends years beyond the conclusion of our investigation, as our evidence remains integral to the success of your trial. We don't merely attempt to obtain the information for passive gain - we are actively involved in the long-term resolution and restitution of your case. When seeking a reputable private investigator for hire in Los Angeles, Paramount Investigative Services remains the clear choice for citizens seeking unparalleled performance and impeccable results.

    Paramount Investigative Services - Extensive Experience, Reliable Results

    Upholding a reputation extending into the 1990s of an unrelenting commitment to the compete satisfaction of our clients, Ken Childs and his team of expert private investigators employed within Paramount Investigative Services delivers your precisely preferred balance between initial affordability and long-term value through the ability to obtain, deliver and defend high-quality imagery, irreproachable evidence and steadfast testimony for a variety of cases. Stop by our downtown Los Angeles office to discuss with a private detective about your required service, or give us a call to inquire regarding available services, rates, or to make an appointment with a member of our Los Angeles private investigatory team!