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Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

Thorough, and Conclusive: Workplace Investigations

From harassment claims to asset theft, breaches of compliance to violations of company protocol, businesses throughout Los Angeles may find themselves facing the necessity of hiring a workplace investigator to swiftly obtain all relevant information for their case. Having performed numerous workplace investigations, Paramount Investigative Services proudly assists businesses throughout Los Angeles in conducting interviews, producing a written report, and following a timely, structured plan to deliver the objective and conclusive results your business needs.

There are countless reasons to call a private investigator to perform a workplace investigation – including, but not limited to:

  • Theft
  • Allegations of criminal misconduct
  • Violation of company rules and guidelines
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Defamation
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While these matters likely call for investigation, a poorly conducted investigationmay only worsen your case or even spawn one of its own, resulting in additional millions in restitution.

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Castelluccio v. IMB

With high-profile cases like Castelluccio v. IMB resulting in multi-million dollar settlements from poorly conducted HR investigations, businesses across California are beginning to understand the scope and importance of hiring a thorough, professional and objective private investigator to conduct their workplace investigations. According to the American Bar Association, businesses may avoid liability for employee “improprieties” by “…responding promptly to complaints of misconduct with an investigation followed by swift corrective action.” (Manela, S. Workplace Investigations [PDF file])

Lessons From Court: It’s How You, The Company, Respond

A private investigator performing your company’s investigation functions as a direct extension of your company’s response – to avoid being sued over a poor investigation, and to ensure your case is bulletproof, it’s essential to hire a professional investigator who wastes no time in conducting all necessary interviews. Prompt, thorough and objective, Paramount Investigative Services understands the state of California’s workplace investigation statutes, court leanings and intricacies. Careful yet precise and expeditious, our team works tirelessly to ensure our conclusions are satisfactory and indisputably exhaustive.

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Of Paramount Importance: Our Approach To Workplace Investigations

Our team of professional and experienced investigators proudly align with the standards set forth by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to ensure our investigations adhere to (and exceed) the industry standards of professionalism and accuracy. Willing to stand as expert witnesses in court, and furnishing extensive, professional reports relaying our findings, Paramount Investigative Services stands as the premier investigative agency within Los Angeles for workplace investigations.

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Our Investigative Reports

In accordance with SHRM standards, our reports relay all crucial information to provide businesses with the succinct yet thorough conclusions they require. As SHRM’s workplace investigations article states, “‘…a well-written report can help you minimize the risk of liability.'” Through documenting every step of our investigation, we ensure no information goes unnoticed, no rock left unturned.

Having scoured the results of rulings like Nazir v. United Airlines to further understand California’s expectations for workplace investigations, Paramount Investigative Services remains uniquely qualified in our ability conduct and complete workplace investigations. While other investigators may approach your case with levity, conducting interviews at a leisurely pace, the case mentioned above definitively pointed to the narrow scope of interviewed witnesses and the slow-moving nature of the investigation as primary failures worthy of ridicule. Ensure your investigation is smooth, accurate and fast with Paramount Investigative Services.

Workplace Investigations: Avoid Costly Settlements and Uphold Your Business’s Reputation

Contact Paramount Investigative Services today to speak with an investigator regarding our workplace investigationservices, or stop by our office at your earliest convenience for a consultation. Committed to the utmost satisfaction of our clients, Paramount Investigative Services seeks to uphold our reputation as businesses’ preferred Los Angeles private investigator. Give us a call to inquire regarding our rates, or send us an email for additional information regarding our services!

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