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Private Investigator Serving Beverly Hills

Finding a skilled private investigator in Beverly Hills can be a more difficult task than most originally anticipate. Most of the private investigators offering services in the Beverly Hills area are either new to the industry and completely lack experience, or are part of a larger PI network that outsources their work to cheap contractors in order to maximize their profits. At Paramount Investigative Services, we not only have served the Beverly Hills area with private investigation services for nearly two decades, but understand the delicate approach the neighborhood demands when performing tasks like surveillance. Don’t trust your case to a contractor or inexperienced PI, turn to the professionals at Paramount Investigative Services.

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Discreet Surveillance

We are the Los Angeles area’s surveillance specialists, with extensive experience performing a variety of surveillance cases throughout Beverly Hills. Whether you’re an attorney who needs swift, accurate surveillance on the subject of a fraud or personal injury case, or a private party who needs an individual capable of subtly obtaining information for your case, Paramount Investigative Services is uniquely equipped to perform the task. Using everything from hidden cameras to HD drones alongside careful on-site placement of our investigators, we ensure the surveillance we perform is efficient, crystal clear and indisputable. Contact us for our surveillance rates and to discuss the nature of your surveillance case in Beverly Hills.

Cheating Spouse / Infidelity Investigations

Unfortunately, Beverly Hills remains a national hotbed of infidelity. Due to the sheer quantity of infidelity investigations we’ve encountered, our cheating spouse investigations have been perfected over the two decades we’ve performed them. In Beverly Hills, subtlety and client confidentiality are paramount. We work to acquire the evidence you need in a swift manner – giving you the peace of mind you need to move on with your life, unhindered by anxiety and doubt. Contact us today to discuss the techniques we use, and to learn how we can uncover what so many other investigators fail to discover.

Additional Services: stolen time, theft and resell of goods | We’ve got you!

From intellectual property investigations to insurance defense and beyond, Paramount Investigative Services offers an array of PI services for our clients throughout the Los Angeles area. We’re experienced in handling high-profile cases for celebrities and prominent individuals, and understand the delicate nature of any case we’re handed. Whether you’re a business owner, attorney, or high profile resident of Beverly Hills, we’re prepared to approach your case with the attentiveness and high-touch approach you deserve. Don’t leave your case up to chance – we’re prepared to testify in court if needed, and are confident the evidence we acquire and deliver will withstand the rigors of court. If you need private investigator services in Beverly Hills, contact us today to receive a free consultation!

Hire A Private Investigator in Beverly Hills: Paramount Investigative Services

Beverly Hills constantly tops PI’s lists as one of the areas they most commonly want to work in. However, the uniquely challenging cases, high-profile clientele, winding roads, tall hedges and elusive subjects all too often leave amateur private investigators without a single piece of evidence to show for their hours of work. Don’t blow your budget on investigators who won’t get the job done – trust the experienced professionals at Paramount Investigative Services and get the outcome your case deserves!