Statistics have shown that criminal activities often occur during the holiday season. It could be because everyone is busy trying to have fun, travelling and spending money which they’ve been saving all year round. But you must keep yourself and family safe and that’s why these 4 tips from a licensed private investigator in Los Angeles CA will come in handy.

1. Avoid Travelling Alone

Whenever you are visiting new places, try not to go there alone. According to Paramount Investigative Services, most crimes occur because the criminal has noted that the target individual is new to the area and is visiting alone. If possible, make those visits during the day because most crimes occur when it’s dark.

2. Trust Your Instincts

We can prevent ourselves from being victims of serious crimes if we simply followed our instincts. If you don’t feel comfortable meeting someone you’ve never met before, trust your gut and don’t go. If you don’t feel safe buying an item on a certain website then don’t do it. Make sure you get all the information on anything that you want to invest your time or money on. If something just doesn’t feel right, a private investigator Los Angeles CA will advise you to stay away.

3. Watch Out For Deals That Are Too Good To Be True

During the holidays, many people lose their money because of falling into scams. If a deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t just assume that because the holidays are in, every business is giving freebies. If it’s a very expensive purchase you are about to make, like a piece of jewelry, you can always hire a private investigator Los Angeles CA to confirm your suspicions on the company. Don’t make any investments blindly or you’ll be in for a big surprise.

4. Invest In A Security System

Many criminals target homes during the holiday season because most people have gone away on vacations. So you must be extremely vigilant and invest in a reliable security system that will keep your home safe while you are away. You can find a private investigator in Los Angeles CA to recommend the most suitable security system to install. It may seem like an expensive investment but considering your safety and protection, it is absolutely worthwhile. And you can always get the assistance of a private investigator Los Angeles CA to help you uncover some information this holiday season.

For most people, the holiday season is the only time of the year they get a chance to spend quality time with their family. Given that everyone’s home after such a long year family issues are bound to arise. In fact, we spoke to a private investigator in Los Angeles and he claims that most clients contact them during the holidays to investigate household issues like cheating. So if you want to make sure you get the most of your holidays and avoid household issues, here are tips to get you on the right track.

1. Maintain Proper Communication: Most arguments arise because of miscommunication. You can hire a private investigator in Los Angeles to unveil issues like cheating but you must remember that some of these family issues arise because of several root causes like lack of communication.

2. Maintain Mutual Respect: Every member of the family needs to respect the other this is the only way no one will feel looked down upon. According to a private investigator LA CA, most family disputes occur because one member is feeling isolated or the lack of respect from others.

3. Have A List Of Activities To Do As A Family: One of the best ways to avoid household issues is to do fun things as a family. You can buy a couple of board games and play together after dinner or travel to some nice place you’ve never been before. You need to start planning early enough for this. If you have more serious issues that require the help of a Los Angeles private investigator, contact them early on to avoid unwanted

4. Enjoy Each Other’s Company: Holidays are usually very short and before you know it’s going to be over. Everyone will get back to their busy lifestyle soon so the best you can do is to enjoy the company of people you care about before life gets too busy. Holidays are meant for family so try not to be engrossed in work when everyone else is looking to spend time with you.

5. Relax/Have Some Time Alone: Relaxing is a nice way to get rid of stress. If you know that you’ve had a long day or something is really disturbing you, you may want to take time and think it through alone or talk to a family member you trust.

Do what you can to keep the peace this holiday season and if you need to hire a private investigator in Los Angeles to help your family to resolve issues that you’ve been facing all year round, give us a call at 877-456-7726 and find a way forward this New Year.

Why would you want to hire a Los Angeles private investigator? People hire private investigators for several reasons. There are those who want to get confirmation for certain things that they have always suspected whereas others want help to unveil information that was hidden for many years. Let’s look at the main reasons why most people hire a private investigator and the services they offer.


Almost every private investigator in Los Angeles has dealt with an adultery or infidelity case. Such cases are quite common among couples who wish to find out what their partners are doing and if they are faithful in their relationships. A private investigator can come up with a report and evidence to show whether your partner is faithful or unfaithful.

Stalking issues

Private investigators have also been hired to help individuals deal with stalking issues. Many people who are disturbed by stalkers have sought to private detectives in order to get more information about their stalkers and why they chose them to be victims of this unlawful act.

Locating missing persons

A private investigator Los Angeles can also be used to help locate missing persons. They have the tools and resources to dig deep and reveal evidence that even the police couldn’t obtain. We have heard of PIs who have been used by families to locate missing children in Los Angeles. These private investigators are trained on how to offer this kind of service.

Employee theft investigations

If you are suspecting that something wrong is going on in your organization then it’s important to hire a private investigator Los Angeles and get the real facts about which employees cannot be trusted. Companies have sought these services in order to help eradicate employees who are practicing in theft and other unlawful things within their business. In most cases, the employees are found to work together as a group in order to steal from the company. A private investigator can help you to prevent your business from running more losses.

Witness location and interview

You can also hire a private investigator in Los Angeles to help you locate and interview witnesses. In this case, the private investigator will be required to help you solve a certain case. The investigator can work with the police in order to get the level of protection he/she need to come up with a conclusive report. But in most cases private investigators work independently.


3 Things to Know when Hiring a Private Investigator in Los Angeles

The decision to hire a private investigator in Los Angeles should be given careful thought.  This is not something you choose to do because you are overwhelmed with emotions or without  considering the circumstances before you. You need to understand what kind of information you  want to obtain from the private investigator, their expectations and how much money you are expected to pay for this service. If you’ve never hired a private investigator before, here are 3 important things you should know about PIs.

Obtain a written contract

First, always make sure you agree with the Los Angeles private investigator regarding the costs from the very start. Most private investigators will have to be paid a retainer before they can do any work for you. You will obtain further billing for their services once the work is complete.  The private investigator should provide you with a written document that clearly outlines what the fees will be. The contract should also have information on what the consumer wants and what the investigator can actually do. In case you have any questions, the PI should answer them before you sign this document.

Make sure the PI is licensed

Hire a private investigator in Los Angeles after confirming their license number and expiration date. Working with a PI who is not licensed will only cause trouble in the future. If you are working with a private investigator agency then make sure the company itself is operating under a valid license. The last thing you want is a private investigator that runs away with your money without offering any conclusive report.

Obtain a report after service is complete

Another important aspect you must consider when hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles is whether they will provide you with a written or verbal document that outlines the findings at the completion of their investigative services. There are cases whereby the case is conducted in sections so the client is given a report once each section is complete. In many other cases, the report is prepared when all the investigations are over. This report should contain all that was done by the private investigator Los Angeles, when it was done and the amount of time that was spent on the case. The costs should be broken down clearly so that you know what you are paying for. This should apply to both methods so you can choose whichever you like.

For a licensed investigator please visit

When you think of hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles, you are either going to check the background of an individual or a group of people, location or recovery of missing property, location of missing person, etc. There are lots of private investigation companies today and you have to find one that does a good job and that you can trust most especially when personal matters are involved.

5 ways to locate a good private investigator in Los Angeles:

1. The best way to locate a good private investigation agency is by word of the mouth. It can come in form of referral from your attorney, friends, family, business associates, etc. and they are more trusted to give you good recommendations.

2. A very good place to find good private investigation agencies is through professional investigator associations. They typically have websites that houses their membership directory.

3. Try using the help of national private investigation organizations that offer to refer investigators. They usually do have a directory of recommended investigators you can use.

4. Insurance companies also use private investigation companies as they need them to assist their work with background checks, investigation and surveillance thus, they usually have a good list of private investigator LA CA they constantly use.

5. Perform a search on yellow pages and the internet to check for listings of private investigators. This may not be the best way for finding a good private investigator but with little work on your part, you have good chances of hiring the right one for the job. Simply ask them for a reference and also check to see if they are a licensed firm. Thereafter, see if they have handled cases that are similar to yours in time past or as for sample reports.

Here are questions you should ask private investigator LA:

Before proceeding with your deal, you need to decide your budget and the desired outcome you require of your job. Get those set before you begin to discuss with your private investigator.

1. Request a sample report and confirm if they have previously handled cases similar to yours

2. Ask if you would need to pay a retainer

3. Ask yourself if you are ‘okay’ or comfortable with talking to the private investigator.  Being open with one another can spring up great ideas therefore, communication matters a lot here.

4. Ask if there are any additional costs that you may be charged for during the course of the investigation.

As soon as you find a trustworthy private investigator in Los Angeles, you are guaranteed of

excellent resource and output. Find out more at

1. Using the service of an unlicensed Los Angeles private investigator could do more damage to your case than its worth. To verify an investigator’s license, simply check online through the local State licensing authority. Another method could be to ask the investigator or investigative agency to show you a copy of their permit(s).

2. Be careful so as not to hire an investigator who makes exaggerated claims about their previous history or expertise; who’s flamboyant, loud, pushy, or a braggart. These kinds of investigators are simply attempting to impress the customer(s) and then “close the deal”. These kinds of investigators often have poor business ethics and questionable histories.

3. The days of hiring Los Angeles Private Investigators that are frequently depicted in television shows are over. Disguises, car chases, fist fights, and gunplay result in great entertainment on TV or at the movies and that should be done in Hollywood; not in real business. The actual work of any professional private investigator Los Angeles includes attentively listening and clearly communicating with the client. In addition, dedication to excellent service with every investigation is guaranteed from a credible and professional Private Investigator.

4. Pricing is significant in determining the quality of an investigator, but do not let pricing be the sole determining factor in hiring a private investigative agency or a private investigator in Los Angeles.

5. Does the investigator have the skills and ability to manage your case? For starters, the Investigative agency or investigator should have some sort of support staff to correctly manage your case. Most investigative agencies usually have multiple workers that are certified investigators and other back office support which makes it possible for them to handle large and complicated cases.

6. Investigative agencies or a licensed private investigator cannot make any guarantees on the results of your case. If they do, be sure to look out for other signs of inexperience.

7. Lastly, know just what you are paying for. Most Los Angeles private investigators have a hourly rate. Generally, other expenses such as mileage fees may also be added. Furthermore, investigative agencies will require a retainer when working with a person.

8. Hourly rates vary throughout California for investigators. For example in Los Angeles, prices range between $ 65.00 – $425.00 per hour for an experienced Los Angeles private investigator. These rates are often significantly higher on the east and west coasts.

9. Private Investigators often require a contract…….

10. Avoid being exposed to civil liability by only working with licensed private investigators Los Angeles that abide by all the laws and regulations.

Private Investigator Los Angeles CaliforniaYou’ve Decided to Hire a Private Investigator Los Angeles California…

But you are concerned with how much it will cost you. Indeed, hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles doesn’t come cheap. If you want to solicit the services of these experts, you have to prepare for its costs.


The Average

There is no fixed rate for private investigators, as each agency is free to set their own pricing. The average rate, though, is $50 to $55 per hour. That means you could be billed for as low as $50 per hour to over a hundred, depending on which agency you are dealing with and what kind of job you want them to do. The hourly rate will apply for every investigator and for every job that you want performed. The $50 per hour is mostly applicable to simple surveillance jobs and to the most common investigation tasks. But as the job gets complicated, the higher the charge will be. The non-complicated tasks, which may also qualify for a flat rate, include:

  • Phone number identification
  • Criminal record search
  • Vehicle registration search
  • Bug sweeps
  • GPS surveillance or monitoring


Flat Rate Charges

A few Private Investigator Los Angeles California are willing to let go of the hourly rate and charge a flat rate instead. This frees the clients of paying more than their budget for a simple investigation task that will not take more than a month. Check out with different agencies if the task you want performed qualifies for a flat rate before deciding.


Other Charges

When hiring private investigators in Los Angeles, be sure that you also ask for their other charges because there surely are going to be some. These charges are usually added to whatever the effective hourly rate is. So when you do the estimate, include the following:

  • Retainer, the price of which depends on the complexity of the case
  • Data searches
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Preparation of written report



Most private investigators in Los Angeles, CA bill their clients on a monthly basis. They will normally send them an invoice showing their payables. They are expected to pay the amount, regardless if the investigation has been completed or not. Some cases would require months to finish, especially if it requires data acquisition from another city, state, or country. Payment is usually done via check and credit card.

Once you have decided to hire a private investigator, be sure to ask for a written contract detailing the actual job you want performed. You should also require an itemized report of the private investigator’s activities, for your own peace of mind.

private investigators in Los Angeles CAThere could be times when you’ll need a private investigator helping you out. Whether it is a personal or a business concern, the work of a private investigator in Los Angeles will assure you of the fastest resolution of any issue. But before you go out there and hire a private investigator that sells himself as the best, answer these qualifying questions to know for sure:


Question #1: Is he licensed?

There’s no other way about it. You need to pick only among the pool of licensed private investigators in Los Angeles or you’ll be compromising your own reputation. Licensed PI’s will assure you of a work completed in an efficient and legitimate manner. You need this as an assurance that your problem will be solved fast and easy, not blown out of proportion.


Question #2: How long is his experience in the field?

Experience is a better teacher than any book. When hiring a Los Angeles private investigator, be sure to pick among the ones in the seasoned roster. You want to hire somebody who is experienced in the particular job that you want performed. Ask the specialization of the firm as you check out their experience. Private investigators may specialize in record retrieval, debt collection, and background research, among others.


Question #3: What are his affiliations?

Ask about the credentials of the agency or the individual that you are hiring. In Los Angeles, there exists several organizations of private investigators. Being a member of one or more of these reputable groups means that the agency complies not just with the law, but with the self-regulating policies of their organization. This suggests that ethics and professionalism are their foremost concern. And that will do you a lot of good.


Question #4: How much is the charge?

The financial aspect of a private investigation in Los Angeles is one of the most crucial factors when deciding which one to hire. And this is a very important element indeed. You should hire people who will charge an amount that you are willing to pay. The rates of private investigators in Los Angeles can go so high they can hit the roof. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find an agency that is willing to work well within your means.


Question #5: Is he skilled and knowledgeable with the job?

To answer this question, read Los Angeles Private investigator reviews and find out how the agency works and which high profile clients they have previously served, if that information is available. It is important to pick an agency that will complete the job fast and very efficiently. But more than experience, they should also know the right people in the right places, as well as use charm, the gift of gab, and the authority bestowed upon them while on the job.

Private Investigators Los AngelesThanks to private investigators, anything a person or an entity wants to know they may easily do so. Hiring private investigators in Los Angeles is very easy these days, especially now that many experts are extending their assistance to just about anyone who requires their services. Do you know the truths that you are likely to uncover with the help of these investigators? Here’s what:


1. Where your partner goes when he leaves the office.

You may want to know if your hunch that your partner sees somebody else is true. To uncover the truth, let a private investigator in Los Angeles tail him around. You’ll soon find out.


2. The complete background of a person.

Have you met somebody out of the blue and would like to know more about him or her before allowing yourself to fall? Then have a Los Angeles private investigator run a background check on that person. You’ll find out if he or she has a previous criminal case or has pending judgments and lawsuits. You’ll also know if he was married and for how many times, along with the information as to where he lives and works. This is especially recommended for individuals planning to get married after a whirlwind romance. It is also good for business who are hiring employees to critical positions.


Private Investigators in Los Angeles

3. Where the money is located.

Are you having problems with your ex-spouse not paying up alimony and child support? Do you want to find out if he has properties that you don’t know about or if he keeps a bank account offshore? Then hire a Los Angeles private investigator to discover if he is really broke or is just faking it.


4. The flaw in the other party.

Are you involved in a lawsuit and you want to clear your name? A private investigator will help you do that by looking for the flaw in the testimony of the other party and producing admissible evidence for it. Often times, sitting on the witness chair telling the court everything that he discovered while sleuthing is sufficient. But having physical evidence to back it all up is even better. This is going to be very helpful in child custody cases.


5. The legitimacy of the deal.

Are you about to engage in a big deal with another party and you would like to know if it is legit or not? A private investigator Los Angeles can help you with that. Now, you don’t have to perform due diligence yourself. You simply let the real experts do that on your behalf.

Private Investigator In Los Angeles

Private Investigator In Los AngelesDo you have a job that you think only a private investigator can handle, but aren’t sure they would? If you live in Los Angeles, all you really have to do is ask. Here is a list of the different cases that a Los Angeles private investigator will most likely accept:


1. Surveillance

Surveillance, which pertains to tailing a person or even a group, is easily done by private investigators. As a matter of fact, this is their everyday task. So if you want to know something about a person, like if he is cheating or is doing something illegal, you may hire the experts. This is a simple job that any private investigator in Los Angeles CA will do.


2. Civil and criminal investigations

Are you embroiled in a civil or criminal case and you want to clear out your name? Then hiring a private investigator who can pinpoint the culprit with incriminating evidence is going to be a huge help. However, you have to look for those who are seasoned for this very delicate task, as it is considered as police work. You also want to hire somebody who is willing to testify for you in court.


3. Background search

There are many times that you want to uncover the background of a person or a business that you’re dealing with. This can easily be done by a well-experienced Los Angeles private investigator. Hire them and you need not dirty your hands with the ground work. Let them ask the questions and dig the files for you.


4. Locating individuals

Are you looking for individuals who owes you something, is hiding from you, or have gone missing? Then worry no more. Hire a private eye who can help you look into the whereabouts of the person that you want found. The best people for the job are those who can easily search for them anywhere in the world.


5. Asset searches

If you want to find out where the assets or real estate properties of a particular person is located, the private investigators in Los Angeles can help. They can even show the total amount of assets that a company or an individual owns and the particulars of each.


6. Undercover investigations

Those who want to solve theft, embezzlement, and other criminal cases happening inside a company or an organization can very well hire a private investigator to determine who the culprit is with an impeccable degree of certainty.


7. Fraud investigations

There are all kinds of fraud happening everywhere and if you want the one that involves you or your interest solved, you only have to book the services of an experienced private investigator in Los Angeles to sort it out. The most common frauds committed today relate to insurance and mortgage.