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Child Custody Investigations -positive outcome

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Child Custody Investigations & How to get results

Being a private investigator can be interesting and satisfying but the most fulfilling cases are ones like Maria’s. Maria worked four jobs to be able to support her two children and keep a roof over their heads. She separated from the child’s father, James, and he was ordered to pay child support. James claimed he wasn’t working and couldn’t afford to pay for himself, let alone child support. That’s where we came in.  Sadly, Maria didn’t know much of her ex as he left and they weren’t on talking terms.  

How to perform a child custody investigation:

Step 1. Locate subjects new address.

Step 2. Set up surveillance – to see if he’s working and capture on surveillance video

Step 3. further document that he has a live In girlfriend who is “Cohabitating”

 Step one “Locate” James.

The best private investigators subscribe to expensive database companies; Lexisnexis, Delvepoint, TLO, IRBsearch and more.  We also have other tips and tricks to help us further confirm information from these sources.  So naturally we began with running what Maria had of James.  We found a new address and then some.  We also were able to identify the “Cohabitant.”   With our collective 30 years of investigative experience, we knew this information was good and scheduled surveillance.

Step Two “Surveillance”

We located James’ residence and vehicle with ease. We also located the new girlfriends vehicle.  Let’s face it, it’s practically impossible to live in Los Angeles and be

man working

unemployed, so we were excited.  As soon as we arrived, he pulled out of the driveway and was on his way. We drove 40 miles out to a secluded ranch where James met with a construction crew. His truck was full of construction supplies, materials, and a cooler. It became evident James was at a job site and was getting ready for the workday. We maneuvered on hills and roads to get a glimpse of James working. Finally, at the right spot, at the right angle, we videotaped James working on the side of the property.

James was doing cement work on a new “slab” for the property.  Once we were settled in, we crawled into a better position to get a great ID shot of James.  This way James couldn’t’ argue saying that it wasn’t him and that he lent his truck out.  After the “ID” shot, we crept around to the side of the house (because we knew the man leaving for workworkers were busy) and further documented everything we could on video; the address of the ranch, the construction vehicles license plates, logo’s, and most importantly the construction company’s’ license number.  Now there is no way James can claim that he wasn’t working and the construction company can’t say they don’t know who James was.

James worked for hours. He was up and down on his knees, back and forth, perfecting the cement. He eventually finished up the work for the day and ran errands. He and his girlfriend dropped his car off at the mechanic, did some laundry, then shopped at Costco.  

Step Three Documentation/proof of cohabitant.

Thankfully, while we were performing surveillance we were able to identify and videotape the new girlfriend.  We have crystal clear video of them, their vehicles, and her returning home from work.  This is all well and good but the icing on the cake was that we captured video of her using her keys to unlock the mailbox and get the mail.  Getting the mail is huge, this demonstrates to the courts that she does live there and is receiving mail!

Step four: continue getting proof “Rinse and repeat”

We continued our surveillance the next day and another random day a few weeks later.  This way, the persons can’t say that they only worked the one day and we were lucky enough to catch them on video.

James took off for work just as he did the day before and arrived at another job site. The street was lined with construction workers and their vehicles.  We were able to document that he was working with the same construction company, and crew members from the previous day.  James got ready for the workday and worked all day. He laid down cement, smoothed it out, and even chatted and laughed with his buddies. This workday was even longer than the previous one. He eventually packed up his work supplies and headed home

A few weeks later, we just happened to spot James at another job site in the middle of the afternoon. He and a construction crew were finishing the cement of a car dealership. With a little luck and a lot of skill, we took video and pictures of the crew, plates, etc. 

Results of a positive Child Custody Investigation.

Once the case was over, we were able to provide the client with an affidavit along with exhibits.  And because of our years of investigative experience, we then outlined to the client as to how she should handle her next court appearance.  She was able to bait James into continuing the lie of him not working or earning money.  If fact, James wanted money from her!  Once the client set him up and he fell for it, she was able to provide the court with our affidavit & photo evidence that he just lied to the judges face.

James is now paying paying her child support monthly!

If this story is similar to yours and you need help, please don’t hesitate to call.  Or maybe your a business owner and you suspect someone is claiming a bogus workers comp claim and you now think you need workers compensation surveillance.  Or if you were in a small accident and thought things were settled street side to only get served with a lawsuit a few days later.  DO NOT wait for the insurance company to investigate the claim, when you can have us do it for you for quicker claims resolution.

Author Ken Childs Paramount Investigative Services Inc.

Ken Childs

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