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When you are mulling over who to hire as your private investigator in Los Angeles, you should carefully take into account the nature of surveillance. In the 21st Century, surveillance is not just about putting a tail on someone and documenting everywhere an individual goes on a given day. Regardless of whether your case is an insurance investigation, a background check or a cheating spouse investigation, you need the best private investigator in Beverly Hills CA who is thoroughly versed in all the modern tools and techniques of surveillance and counter-surveillance. Paramount Investigative Services is a fully licensed private investigation service with a team of experienced and highly trained investigators, many of whom hail from a law enforcement background. Founded and operated by Mr. Childs, Paramount is committed to providing the highest quality of surveillance and investigation techniques available today.

Legal Investigative Services as A Private Investigator Los Angeles

Paramount Investigative Services is the go-to agency for law firms because of our advanced evidence gathering and recording techniques. In this area, the law enforcement backgrounds of many of our private investigators are especially important. As your firm’s private investigator Beverly Hills CA, we will not only gather the evidence you need but also make sure this is done in a way that will stand up in a court of law. Our services include:

  • Advanced Interviewing Techniques
  • Photographic and or Videotape Evidence
  • Witness Identification and Location

Fraud and Insurance Investigations

With the continued rise in insurance fraud, it has never been more important to have a dedicated Los Angeles Private Investigator, who can help track down and identify such practices. Your trained Beverly Hills Private Investigator can provide you with:

  • Statements
  • Record Searches
  • Surveillance or Subrosa

Business Investigative Services

From simple background checks on potential employees to security related consulting, Paramount Investigative Services provides you with a complete answer to your commercial investigative needs. Your Los Angeles private investigator will provide:

  • Background Checks
  • Asset Discovery
  • Counter-Intelligence Services
  • Consulting on surveillance projects

Personal Investigative Services

Whether you have suspicions of a cheating spouse or are looking for a missing relative, at Paramount Investigative Services we know that such matters require special discretion on our part and your Los Angeles private detective will do everything in our power to provide this kind of discretion for your investigation. For such services we can provide:

  • Photographic or Videotape Evidence
  • Discreet GPS Tracking

Simply put, Paramount Investigative Services is ready to be your Private Investigator Los Angeles.

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