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Private Investigator Austin Texas

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Paramount Investigative Services Inc. is now performing investigations in Austin Texas! Though we are new to Dallas and Austin, we are NOT new to investigations. With nearly 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge, ability, and tools to get you the results you need for court. From the latest and greatest spy gadgets to to simple witness interview investigations, we do it all.Dallas Private Investigator

Over the years, we’ve saved our clients over 100 million dollars! Day or night, our team of professional investigators are here to get you the results you need.

Child custody – Is your ex lying about their income? Are they claiming they aren’t working? The team at Paramount Investigative Services can help gather the evidence needed for your case. For years, we’ve helped our clients win the toughest of cases.

Cheating spouse –Is your husband staying out later than usual?
Cheating Spouse BustedIs your wife taking more business trips? Let the team at Paramount Investigative Services get the answers you need.

Service of process – When you’re frustrated you’re unable to locate someone to serve court documents, Paramount Investigative services can help! We can help locate and deliver any court documents needed.

Surveillance – We conduct surveillance in even the toughest of situations. Our team of skilled investigators will get you the results you need for court!

Insurance defense – We’ve saved our clients millions of dollars with invaluable surveillance videos. surveillance video results

Social Media Canvassing: We can get you an in-depth search and with any luck, further assist you and your defense team.

Call your Austin Private Investigators now for further details to get started.

Ken Childs

Author Consultant

Paramount Investigative Services Inc. is a highly reputable private investigation agency based in Los Angeles, boasting over 25 years of experience in the field. Founded and led by expert witness and author Ken Childs, the agency offers a comprehensive range of investigative services to clients, including insurance fraud detection, infidelity investigations, background checks, and legal support for attorneys. With a proven track record and a commitment to professionalism, Paramount Investigative Services Inc. stands out as a trusted choice for individuals, businesses, and legal professionals seeking reliable and discreet investigative solutions in Los Angeles.