Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations & harassment

In order to ensure the integrity of a company and its employees and (or) employers, a private investigator may be hired when there is suspicion of dishonesty and (or) other behaviors that may jeopardize the reputation of said company. Employers should be wary of whom they hire as their employees and be aware of such incidences.

Workplace Investigations can involve investigating several claims regarding: violation of company rules, theft, misconduct, compliance issues, sexual harassment litigation, discrimination, wrongful termination, and (or) defamation.

Thorough and effective investigations involving such claims should nonetheless, be objective and impartial. Additionally, the investigation should involve gathering appropriate documentation and evidence by a competent investigator. Particularly, interviewing witnesses. In order to keep the investigation impartial, interviewing witnesses can help because it allows the investigator to evaluate credibility of the claim.

In order for a completely unbiased, and impartial conclusion to be reached, the investigation should come to an evidence-based determination. This heavily relies upon the information that can be gathered and the sources of this information. The investigator should be able to properly weigh all sides of the evidence in order to reach such conclusion.

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