Valentine’s Day Cheater

Valentine’s Day Cheater

Infidelity cases are always interesting and can get very personal. Often times we are armed with more than average information and these are the cases where we may have the ability to utilize trackers. Although gathering evidence on infidelity won’t benefit you in a divorce case in California, it can bring peace of mind. Using a licensed private investigator can help you uncover what your spouse is doing when you’re not around.

One evening, a concerned client contacted us suspecting her husband, Bill, of infidelity. Despite lacking concrete proof, his behavior raised suspicions—working late, acting strange, and even occasionally smelling like perfume. Eager to investigate before Valentine’s Day, she shared all the information on Bill and we got started.


With the knowledge that Bill doesn’t come home after work, we began surveillance at Bill’s workplace. After work, Bill’s actions took an unexpected turn a few blocks from his house. Parking on a side street, he engaged in erratic behavior, blocking his car window with clothing and getting in and out of the vehicle. As the sun set, it became apparent he was smoking crack in his vehicle. He ended up staying parked there for over seven hours!

Bill carrying flowers for his mistress on Valentine’s Day

Informing the client of our findings the next day, she was shocked, but still held onto suspicions of infidelity. Despite limited results in the following days, we continued surveillance. On day two, Bill stayed mostly at home, running a small errand. He went to work on day three and purchased a case of beer on his way home. We began to think there may have been a drug issue all along rather than infidelity, but we continued.

Valentine’s Day heightened our pursuit. After work, Bill rushed to the grocery store. He purchased alcohol and made multiple grocery store visits, finally purchasing flowers from the fourth store. We followed him to a gated residence and videotaped his arrival. We watched him enter the apartment building with a key confirming a longstanding affair. Lucky for us, his mistress’s balcony faced the parking lot. We videotaped the intimate moments Bill shared with his mistress. Using our resources and utilizing social media, we were able to uncover the identity of the mistress.

Bill and his mistress celebrating with champagne


The revelation took an unexpected turn when, half an hour after the lights turned off, Bill ventured alone onto the balcony. He proceeded to smoke crack on his mistress’s balcony, discreetly checking for her presence. This revelation not only confirmed Bill’s infidelity but also exposed his hidden struggle with drug addiction. We continued our surveillance until dawn, validating Bill’s nightlong stays.

As investigators, our role is to provide evidence to support or deny suspicions. While the outcome for Bill and our client remained uncertain, the clarity achieved through our investigation allowed her to have peace of mind and make informed choices about the path ahead.

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