Beware of Holiday Scams

Holiday scams are on the rise

Christmas is almost upon us, and many are frantically browsing Amazon and other online retailers for last-minute gifts. Preying upon the less prepared among us are holiday scammers – often posing as innocent salesmen for benign objects like wrapping paper or other holiday-related items. While the doorstep package thieves are running rampant, more elusive, invasive and destructive scammers are on the prowl as well.

The Scam: The Door-To-Door Salesman

The most recent and perhaps most disturbing scam ravaging the Los Angeles area is the “salesman” scam approach. As many unsuspecting residents full of holiday cheer happily answer their doors and converse with the polite salesman, they’re unaware that they’re being scoped out. These scammers will pose as holiday salesmen and get you to open your door for them, allowing them to view your entryway and the interior of your house. Through conversation, they’ll also learn about any family members, and be able to assess the threat you pose in the event you’re around when they arrive to break your door or window for the holiday smash-n-grab.

The Scam: Parking Lot and Gas Station Grabbers

Another scam sweeping across L.A. is the package grab scam. While some scammers wait for your mail to be delivered before swiping it off your front porch, others opt for a moreĀ aggressive approach. Solo scammers will wait for an unsuspecting shopper to leave their car windows down or their doors unlocked before simply swiping whatever you’ve just purchased and running off. More common, however, are scammers running in pairs – one will engage with you in conversation or otherwise divert your attention, while the other rummages through your stuff, taking anything of value.

Paramount Investigative Services’ Scam Investigation Service: Take Control of Your Future

While some scam victims are unable to be helped in the event of a particularly elusive thief, Paramount Investigative Services now offers a limited-time holiday scam investigation service offer for a reduced price. We scour all information you can provide about the individual you suspect (or know) scammed you, and we’ll provide any and all personal information about that individual. From there, what you use that information for is up to you. Curious about what a Los Angeles private investigator can do for you? Contact us today for more information, or for your free consultation!

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