Background Checks

Background checks

Background checks can be extremely important sources of viable information for an investigation. Level one background checks usually consist of online searches. By utilizing various powerful database resources, investigators can gain a better insight on the particular claim. Using online resources for information can also allow for cost to be kept low during an investigation.

Level two background checks include the online data sourcing as well as include sending an investigator out into the field. For an example, an investigator can go to the courthouses themselves and that way civil or criminal records can be pulled. Investigators can also go to Police Departments in order to get specific addresses, names, phone numbers and call logs. This will allow for the investigation to advance by providing the investigator that much more information.

Although it can seem as though investigators can obtain a lot of information, there is information that is also unreachable due to privacy laws. These can include cell phone records, and medical records.

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