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Rent control Investigations | Los Angeles CA | Evicting abusive tenants

Rent control Investigations | abuse in Los Angeles Rampant often leading to various challenges for landlords, including instances of abuse by tenants. However, it’s important to remember that evicting a tenant, especially under rent control regulations, must be done legally with a proper Rent control investigations. Here are some general steps and considerations for landlords […]

Private Investigator Los Angeles

Lawless in CA: Judges Cave, Justice Crumbles

Attorney Client Privilege gets pierced LOS ANGELES, CALIF. [February 2024] – In a startling turn of events, a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge made a controversial decision last week, disregarding the sanctity of attorney-client privilege. The judge required an attorney to disclose privileged and confidential emails exchanged with theirinvestigator, laying bare sensitive strategies and […]

Corporate Espionage Investigations

Corporate Espionage Investigations

Corporate Espionage and theft of time investigations? In the era of remote work, a new client approached us, grappling with post-Covid challenges. The shift to working from home had made it difficult for employers to monitor their workforce, leading to performance concerns. The focus was on a longstanding top performer, Karen, who raised suspicions of […]

workers compensation fraud

Workers Compensation Fraud Story

Workers Compensation Investigations is a slippery slope. There are those claimants that were injured, those that are not injured, and those that are retaliatory. Hiring a licensed Los Angeles private investigator can assist in figuring out if your new claim is real or false. With California being a no-fault state and workers’ compensation claims at […]

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Cheaters Investigations | Valentine’s Day

Cheaters Investigations are always interesting and can get very personal. Often times we are armed with more than average information and these are the cases where we may have the ability to utilize trackers. Although gathering evidence on infidelity won’t benefit you in a divorce case in California, it can bring peace of mind. Using […]

workers compensation fraud

Workers’ Compensation Fraud Story

Workers’ compensation claims are at an all-time high. Although a lot of these claims are legitimate, others are dishonest or fraudulent claims. California is a zero-fault state, so that means the employer is always at fault. According to the California Department of Insurance, “In California, it is estimated that workers’ compensation fraud costs the state […]

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Child Custody Investigations -positive outcome

How to get results | Child Custody Investigations revealed Being a private investigator can be interesting and satisfying but the most fulfilling cases are ones like Maria’s. Maria worked four jobs to be able to support her two children and keep a roof over their heads. She separated from the child’s father, James, and he […]

Cheating spouse

Cheating Spouse Investigations: Expert Insights and Tips

Cheating Spouse Investigations Understanding Infidelity Investigations and Legal Boundaries Cheating spouse investigations involve a careful process of gathering evidence to confirm or dispel suspicions of infidelity. If you’re questioning whether your spouse is cheating, there are several signs to watch for. These can include unexplained changes in behavior, secretive communication habits, sudden emotional distance, and […]

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How to Hire a Private Investigator in Los Angeles California

How to Hire a Private Investigator in Los Angeles California Los Angeles Private Investigations In the diverse landscape of Los Angeles, from the glamour-filled streets of Hollywood to the upscale neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and the historic districts of Pasadena, the need for specialized private investigator services is ever-present. Whether you’re searching for a missing […]

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Private investigators legalities:

Can private Investigators be sued? Navigating the intricate maze of legality and ethics is a daily challenge for private investigator legalities (PIs). Even when an investigator believes they are operating within the confines of the law, the specter of lawsuits is always present. This article explores several noteworthy cases and ethical dilemmas to underscore the […]

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