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Expert Private Investigator Ken Childs

Professional Investigator | Author | Iron Man Finisher

Featured on Access HollywoodThe Dr. Phil ShowThe Dr. Oz Show, and Buzzfeed, founder, CEO and lead investigator of Paramount Investigative Services Inc, Ken Childs built his reputation for unparalleled professionalism over an extensive twenty five-year career as a private investigator. From surveillance to service of process, Ken and his successes within the LA private investigative field have been prominently featured on Access HollywoodThe Dr. Phil ShowThe Dr. Oz Show, Buzzfeed and LA Magazine.

When you choose Paramount Investigative Services Inc., you benefit from the knowledge and experience of the best private investigators in Los Angeles. We invite you to read our Five Star Google and our Five Star Yelp reviews for yourself to see why we’re the trusted choice for investigative services in LA.

Ken Childs Professional Investigator | Author

Continually providing residents of Los Angeles, attorneys and corporations alike with the evidence and information they require with unmatched precision and timeliness, Ken remains wholly committed to saving clients both time and money with straightforward, honest investigatory work. Having testified as an expert witness during prominent cases as a result of his services, and volunteered his time to assist aspiring private investigators throughout the Los Angeles region, Ken Childs professional investigator, remains a pillar of California’s private investigative community – standing as a testament to unrelenting hard work, and upholding his commitment to impeccable results with every case.

Private Investigator Ken Childs

Commitment to Professional Investigations Near You

An intermittent board member for CALI, a non-profit consortium assisting aspiring private investigators in obtaining professional certification and experience, Ken continually strives to assist any aspiring private detectives seeking employment. With his tenure culminating in having held the position of Vice President of Administration at CALI, he also assisted in developing one of the most respected test; the CPI exam. This is what gives the distinguished “CPI” designation. Ken remains wholeheartedly committed to supporting the ever-expanding community of Los Angeles private investigators.

Expert Witness Los Angeles Private Investigator Ken Childs

Amending his commitment to the community, Ken stood as the designated expert witness during the Mendoza v. Beauchamp case at Santa Monica Courthouse in Los Angeles County. With a variety of other high-profile cases standing as a testament to his experience, Ken Childs’ capabilities both in the field and in the courtroom result in expeditious, definitive convictions, providing satisfactory results for clients ranging from residents of greater Los Angeles, to attorneys and corporations alike.

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Los Angeles Private Investigator | Certified, Experienced, and Committed

Beginning his work in the private investigative field in his early twenties, Ken Childs received professional certification from the reputable California Association of Licensed Investigators – quickly setting out to build his reputation with steadfast vigor. From Orange County to Ventura County, when seeking a private investigator near you, Ken Childs remains the ideal choice for prospective clients seeking swift results from a reputable, personable private investigator.

Best Private Detective in Los Angeles

In addition to his innumerable personal recommendations from celebrities, attorneys, corporations and residents throughout Los Angeles, Ken Childs and Paramount Investigative Services Inc. has garnered an impeccable reputation, reflected in a variety of reviews on numerous platforms. When seeking the highest-rated private investigator in Los Angeles, Ken Childs and Paramount Investigative Services remain the ideal choice for exacting clients seeking nothing less than perfection. Ken Childs and Paramount Investigative Services has received perfect ratings on:

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View our testimonials to see the recommendations of satisfied clients, and witness the resoundingly positive testaments to the service and results provided by Ken Childs.

Whether seeking one of our services or simply wishing to learn more about Paramount Investigative Services, either call or email our team at your earliest convenience. With Ken Childs’ confidence, expertise and commitment leading Paramount Investigative Services, rest assured any client with exacting specifications and rigorous requirements will have their expectations exceeded, with their case personally overseen by Ken. Stop by Paramount Investigative Services today to schedule a consultation, or give us a call at your earliest convenience to inquire further.

Ken Childs

Author Consultant

Paramount Investigative Services Inc. is a highly reputable private investigation agency based in Los Angeles, boasting over 25 years of experience in the field. Founded and led by expert witness and author Ken Childs, the agency offers a comprehensive range of investigative services to clients, including insurance fraud detection, infidelity investigations, background checks, and legal support for attorneys. With a proven track record and a commitment to professionalism, Paramount Investigative Services Inc. stands out as a trusted choice for individuals, businesses, and legal professionals seeking reliable and discreet investigative solutions in Los Angeles.