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Covid19 & Child Custody Investigations

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Child Custody Investigations: Verify Your Children’s Safety During COVID-19

As COVID-19 ravages our nation, states, cities and households, parents face an array of new challenges. From homeschooling to keeping the peace among siblings, stress in households are running high. This stress is only amplified for parents with split custody over their children. As restrictions are eased, parents may come to the realization that safety protocol for their children differ between both households. In other instances, parents may question the truthfulness of their partner, baby sitter or nanny when discussing their usage of PPE, social distancing and interactions with other individuals.

How Private Investigators in Los Angeles Can Help

Due to the Coronavirus, the nature of virtually every industry has changed – private investigation and surveillance is no different. As people grow tired of quarantine and isolation, more and more individuals are becoming lax in their daily lives – placing themselves and those around them at risk once again. At Paramount Investigative Services, we’re painfully aware of the dangers children across Los Angeles are being placed in by flippant parents, babysitters and nannies. To combat this, our Child Custody Investigations are extended to parents seeking to verify the wellbeing and safety of their family. We verify that your child’s caretaker is respecting social distancing, wearing a mask and avoiding risky gatherings so you can work, run errands, and sleep knowing your family is safe from the ever-present risk of COVID-19.

Surveillance: How It Works

As experienced private investigators, we work to ensure our clients receive the peace of mind they deserve. We’re discreet, efficient, and precise – all crucial components when embarking on surveillance for a client. During the global pandemic, our priorities have shifted to better serve the community by offering verification of the safety of their loved ones. Through surveillance, we’re able to offer video and photo evidence if safety protocol for an at-risk household is breached, or if a child’s wellbeing is in question due to the overly-relaxed approach by a negligent parent. We trace your child’s caretaker’s interactions and behaviors, reporting back to you with the information you need to best protect your child and your family.

COVID-19 and Children: Are Children At Risk?

With studies regarding the Coronavirus still underway and new information circulating nearly daily, it can be difficult to keep up. Preliminary articles states that children were likely asymptomatic carriers of the disease – however, studies have disproven this theory, noting that children can not only develop symptoms, but even face hospitalization and even death in rare cases.

While we’re all anxious to return to our lives, the false sense of security experienced after months of isolation can cause many of us to forget about not only our own vulnerability, but those with less developed immune systems – like children. While the economic impact of COVID will force many back to work, it’s important to verify that your child’s safety remains of paramount concern for caretakers.

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Don’t let the lingering anxiety over your child’s safety keep you awake at night. Let us verify for you whether or not your child is in danger, or if your former partner is lying about their behavior and actions. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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