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Child Custody Investigative Services

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Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody Investigations

Probably the most emotional of all of our cases. We suggest discussing the case in great length to determine what your exact needs are. There is what you want done and what your attorney needs for court. Sadly, all of these Child Custody cases vary, some being more complex than others. Most of these cases are cases where a parent is wanting more custody over the other. While other cases are of parents that aren't truthful about their income and or how they aren’t working. These two types of cases are of partents who clearly want to reduce their monthy child support payments. The most extreme of these cases are of actual physical abuse. This is where a parent or guardian is physically or verbally abusive to the child, maybe the parents are using drugs or the parents have the child in an unsafe environment.
Luckily, these cases are all within our wheelhouse. We prefer to start out with a few days of surveillance to document any suspicious activity on video; children staying with grandparents while they go to work. You get the picture. Often times background checks are in order and can demonstrate that the persons in the household are violent offenders or sexual predetors.

With a well written report, good intelligence, pictures or videotaped proof, and expert testimony, we can will help the judge make an informed decison.