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Workers Comp Investigations

With Governor Abbott’s recent announcement that extended Federal unemployment compensation will end in June, the workers shortage causing shutdowns around the state should come to an end. Experts caution business owners to be on guard, as certain individuals who were milking unemployment may set their sights on fake workers comp claims to make a quick dollar and remain at home. Cases of workers compensation fraud were already on the rise nationally, but this summer will likely see a spike in cases throughout the state of Texas. If your business falls victim to workers comp fraud, the team at Paramount Investigative Services, Inc. can help ensure justice is served and your livelihood is saved. Our experienced team has recently expanded to Austin, and we are ready to serve and protect the Austin business community.

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Is it against the law for a private investigator to follow someone?

At Paramount Investigative Services, Inc., we have seen it all over the course of our 25 years history busting fraudulent claimants. Our services have saved clients millions of dollars and ensured that swift justice is served to the criminals who deserve it. We will work to protect your business and will leverage our experienced team to deliver fast court-admissible evidence you can trust.

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Workers Comp in Austin by Paramount Investigative Services

The Paramount team specializes in exposing fraud, and we are already the preferred choice for the top national insurance companies. Our surveillance team is unrivaled in their combined skill and experience, and we utilize the latest in technology like DJI Mavic Pro Drones, hidden hi-def cameras, and forensic data specialists. With our experienced surveillance team on the case, the claimant will never know they are under scrutiny. By moving completely undetected, our team will be able to gather the evidence you need to prove that the fraudster is lying.

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Don’t wait for the insurance company to investigate!

Our respected team of investigators are trusted in the legal community and are ready to serve as expert witnesses in your case. Many of our team members are even former law enforcement officials. Paramount has unsurpassed credibility within the Private Investigation industry, and our satisfied customers and track record speak for themselves. If you are still unconvinced, check our Yelp!, Google and Facebook pages, where we have across the board five-star ratings.

For more information and a free consultation, call Paramount Investigative Services, Inc. at 877-749-7778.

Ken Childs

Author Consultant

Paramount Investigative Services Inc. is a highly reputable private investigation agency based in Los Angeles, boasting over 25 years of experience in the field. Founded and led by expert witness and author Ken Childs, the agency offers a comprehensive range of investigative services to clients, including insurance fraud detection, infidelity investigations, background checks, and legal support for attorneys. With a proven track record and a commitment to professionalism, Paramount Investigative Services Inc. stands out as a trusted choice for individuals, businesses, and legal professionals seeking reliable and discreet investigative solutions in Los Angeles.