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Attorney and Legal Services – Investigations From Insurance Fraud to Corporate Investigations

Paramount Investigative Services Inc® proudly provides attorneys throughout Los Angeles with the timely, affordable results they require to accurately and expeditiously complete their cases. Many attorneys are unaware of the various legal services or attorney services a private investigator can perform. Hire a private investigator, or remain skeptical as to their effectiveness and affordability. Paramount Investigative Services Inc. proudly boasts extensive experience working alongside attorneys. From witness location to surveillance, and process service, our team continually assists attorneys however necessary, completing the assigned task with unparalleled expeditiousness.

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Our available attorney services include:

With additional multifaceted services available as a result of our extensive experience, attorneys seeking a fast, efficient helping hand throughout their next case will find their needs satisfied with the experts at Paramount Investigative Services. Allow us to save you and your client both time and money – our professional services result in less wasted time in the field, and indisputable, high-definition evidence. While an inexperienced individual could spend countless hours during suboptimal times of day performing indiscrete surveillance (all while charging between $400 and $1,900 an hour), our team of surveillance professionals immediately set out to perform the required surveillance for consecutive days on end. While our approach may initially appear costly, the swift results acquired and efficient turnaround ultimately results in significant financial savings, in addition to getting your case back where it belongs: in court.

Experienced and Professional Attorney Services

Having stood as a designated expert witness in numerous trials as a result of our investigative services, and saved countless high-profile clients and corporations millions on fraudulent claims succinctly debunked by our surveillance, Paramount Investigative Services proudly stands alongside attorneys and law firms as an indispensable resource. Capable of performing an array of tasks throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, Paramount Investigative Services confidently outstrips any comparable private investigators near you with effortless poise and undisputed professionalism.

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Unimpeachable Results, Unparalleled Turnaround Times

Simply acquiring whereabouts of an individual, or loosely indicating fraudulent behavior through suboptimal surveillance techniques simply cannot withstand the scrutiny of the court of law. Why trust your client’s financial stability to a hobbyist or investigator lacking in subtlety? Ken Childs and his team of career private detectives throughout the Los Angeles region employ the latest in advanced surveillance technology, remaining steadfastly committed to acquiring any and all possible records and the indisputable evidence required to complete your case with ease. Trust the seasoned professionals at Paramount Investigative Services, headed by twenty-year investigatory veteran Ken Childs, to minimize your risk and maximize your desired results.

Personal Injury investigations

Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Investigations Since 1998

Paramount Investigative Services Inc’ Ken Childs has spent a career specializing in surveillance targeting fraudulent personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. Having sent two persons to jail as a result of their fraudulent claims, Ken Childs and Paramount Investigative Services proudly stands behind the businesses small and large of Los Angeles, protecting against rampant fraudulent claims amounting in the tens of millions. Having earned a reputation within this specialized field since 1998, Ken Childs stands as the ideal private investigator for personal injury or suspected fraudulent workers’ compensation claims.

PI Attorney Services Near You: Paramount Investigative Services Inc

A Los Angeles Private Investigator for attorneys, lawyers and corporations, Paramount Investigative Services offers affordable, reliable services with a strict adherence to your specifications and exacting requirements. Trust your next case to the professionals at Paramount Investigative Services Inc, and remove any chance of failure or wasted time. Committed to surpassing expectations throughout the entirety of your case, Paramount Investigative Services Inc. remains the premier private investigator throughout the Los Angeles region. Contact us to inquire further about our available attorney services, or stop by our downtown Los Angeles office to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.