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Attorney Services: Witness Statements & Interviews

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Building strong cases for clients, attorneys rely on witness statements and interviews as critical pieces of evidence. However, obtaining accurate and reliable witness statements can be a challenging and time-consuming process. That’s where hiring a private investigator can be beneficial.

Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator for Witness Statements and Interviews:

  1. Locating WitnessesPrivate investigators have access to databases and resources that can help them locate potential witnesses. Furthermore, when witnesses are difficult to locate or have moved away.
  2. Interviewing Witnesses: Private investigators receive training in the art of interviewing. Furthermore, enabling them to ask appropriate questions that elicit accurate information. They can also detect inconsistencies and discrepancies in statements and follow up with additional questions to clarify any confusion.
  3. Obtaining Accurate Statements: Witness statements are crucial pieces of evidence in legal cases, and private investigators can help witnesses feel more comfortable and provide accurate statements.
  4. Gathering Evidence: Private investigators can gather additional evidence to support a legal case, such as photographs, video footage, and other documentation that can be used in court.
  5. Ensuring Admissibility: Private investigators possess legal procedure knowledge and can guarantee that evidence is collected and presented in a n admissible way in court, with a particular focus on witness statements.
  6. Saving Time and Money: By hiring a private investigator to handle witness statements and interviews, attorneys can save time and money, as private investigators are trained to work efficiently and effectively. In addition, there rates tend to be much lower than attorneys.


Hiring a private investigator for witness statements and interviews can be a wise investment for attorneys. Private investigators have the expertise and resources needed to gather accurate and reliable information to build a strong case. By outsourcing this work to a private investigator, attorneys can focus on other aspects of their case. Allowing them to ensure that they are providing the best representation possible for their clients.

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Author Ken Childs with Paramount Investigative Services Inc.

Ken Childs

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