Workers Compensation Investigations

workers compensation investigattor

Workers Compensation Investigations

The Basics:

California employers must provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees by paying for workers’ compensation insurance, regardless of the number of employees.

When a worker suffers a work-related accident or becomes ill due to conditions on the job, the insurance company pays for the employee’s medical treatment and lost wages. Additionally, there could be compensation for long-term disability. This could cost the company thousands.

The Scam:

However, sometimes it happens where an employee files a false or fraudulent claim that they are injured, when in reality they are not.  This is a widespread and common crime.

What Paramount Investigative Services can do:

We begin by asking our clients to give us all of the relevant information and use our high-tech software in order to search and match up the information given to us about the claimant and the claim in order to begin the surveillance and investigation. We then perform the investigation and gather video footage which serves as evidence in court. Along with footage, a very detailed and specific report is written about each investigation. Therefore, not a single detail goes unseen and our clients are never left dissatisfied.

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