Scam Alert: Catfishing & Social Media Scams

<p>You’ve been messaging back and forth with a wealthy individual (possibly even a celebrity!) – they’ve offered “proof” in pictures, and sometimes even by sending <i>you</i> money or gifts. Still, something doesn’t seem quite right… Chances are, you’re getting scammed!</p>

<p>These days, catfishing scammers are better than ever before. With their ability to obtain private celebrity photos not visible on Google, or to provide you with actual photos of legitimate identification like passports and licenses by scouring obscure but publically released court records and police evidence, scammers can become unsettlingly convincing when impersonating another individual. Don’t get caught off-guard – let our <b><a href=”/scam-investigations”>scam investigation service</a></b> set your mind at ease and definitively tell you if you are, in fact, talking to a legitimate celebrity or VIP!</p>

<h3>The Scam: How It Works</h3>

<p>This scam, while seemingly straightforward, catches an unfortunate number of unsuspecting Los Angeles residents off-guard. The scam typically starts through email or social media messaging. While many might find this as a warning sign, these accounts sometimes go to great lengths to appear legitimate. If you’ve engaged with this person through messaging, it’s likely you’ve fallen for the bait and are already several nude pictures in. Don’t let this deter you from discovering the truth (frankly, we could care less what lewd pictures have been exchanged), as the next step will undoubtedly turn to financial exploitation instead of emotional or sexual exploitation.</p>

<h3>The Payday: Completing The Scam</h3>

<p>The scammer may have earned your trust by sending you a few hundred dollars along the way without a second thought – further “proving” their status as a celebrity or VIP with money to burn. Thus, when they claim they’re at the airport with their cash or valuable luggage locked up due to customs or some other claim, you may not think twice about sending them the few thousand they ask for – after all, they’re ultra-wealthy so what’s a few thousand to them? This is precisely how they get you.</p>

<h2>Paramount Investigative Services’ Scam Investigations: Don’t Fall Prey to Scammers</h2>

<p>If you’re worried that you’re being catfished or scammed in a similar manner to the method described above and would like definitive clarification, <a href=”/contact-us”>contact us</a> today, or submit your payment for a scam investigation on our scam investigations page! As licensed and insured private investigators in Los Angeles, we’ve seen it all, and are equipped to perform our scam investigations for any prospective client across the US. Give us a call, and don’t let the scammers win!</p>

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