Online Dating Scams

<h1>Online Dating Scams</h1>

Nearly 66% of singles nationwide use online dating sites in order to expand their dating pool. Online dating seems to be a good alternative for busy professionals, divorcees, and people just looking for a quick and easy way to meet new people. This can come with consequences when you are lead into a scam.

It is easy for scammers to target vulnerable singles who long for a deeper connection with someone they meet online. Scammers will usually have an ulterior motive. They will start by creating a completely fake profile, designed to specifically lure their victim in. The whole identity of the profile from their made-up name to the stories they tell you of where they live and ect, are all fake. Afterwards, they will recommend that you move the conversation off of the website and onto somewhere more personal such as email, text, or phone call.

Once the romance scammer notices that the victims’ defenses are down, and that they have gained their trust,  they move into the realm of asking for money, gifts, and (or) banking info. They will make up elaborate lies and stories about how they are in need of help for some sort of fake personal emergency. or any other excuse asking for money. This is the number one sign, that you are in trouble!

Protect yourself by never sending someone money or personal information that you have not met. Reverse search the profile image and see what comes upon the web. Be on high alert for inconsistencies in their stories, grammar and spelling mistakes, and elaborative lies. If they do not want to video chat or skype with you, that is another sign that the person you are speaking to, is most likely a fake identity.




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