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Medical Canvassing: What is it, and Why Should You Care?

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What is Medical Canvassing?

If you’re wondering what medical canvassing is, you’re not the only one – this service has arisen only within the last few years as a service offered by private investigators. With personal injury cases on the rise, and medical information on a potentially fraudulent individual becoming invaluable.  Attorneys and businesses are looking to gather information on the legitimacy of an “injured” individual’s “medical treatments.”  This can mean the difference between a settlement or court-ordered damages in the tens of millions.

Hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles to exhaustively canvass all medical facilities within a reasonable distance from the subject of a personal injury or workers compensation investigations case can be an invaluable piece of information in a court case. Continue on to learn more about how it works, and how we provide the information you’d otherwise think is outright unattainable…

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How does medical canvassing work?

Our investigators will attempt to extract as much information from medical facilities as possible.  This could potentially be treating an injured individual – by phone or other methods (if necessary).  We do not break any laws in doing so, as this method relies on social engineering and conversational manipulation. While this sounds sketchy, ultimately, the employees at the medical facility should be (but often aren’t) trained in, or interested in avoiding these sorts of information requests – leaving the location in question the ones legally culpable for the breach of patient confidentiality. Furthermore, the majority of the information we acquire will not reveal the specifics – but will arm your attorney to make a targeted subpoena that will uncover all information needed to definitively put the case to rest.

Don’t put your case at risk – ask us about our Medical Canvassing services

Today, any injury-related case will net a fraudulent accuser upwards of ten million dollars (often much more). The stakes have never been higher for businesses and companies looking to protect themselves against fraudulent personal injury claims – making medical canvassing a crucial service for private investigators in Los Angeles to begin offering. Contact us today to learn more about the specifics, or to discover what medical canvassing could do for your case.

Ken Childs

Author Consultant

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