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Corporate Intelligence Investigations

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Information is currency when it comes to business, and a corporate intelligence investigation is a company’s Holy Grail. Conglomerates don’t corner a market by chance, just as risky employees aren’t dodged by accident. A corporate intelligence investigation provides the comprehensive information necessary to make a strategic business decision, and can provide legal footing to defend your company in the courtroom. Whether assessing competition, vetting partnerships, predicting market conditions, protecting intellectual property, or combating fraud; a thorough CI investigation conducted by a licensed and verified Private Investigator will provide your business with priceless information – no matter the company size or industry.

Hedge your bets with data mining
Whether you are launching a new concept or planning to expand, taking inventory of the target market is vital to any business. Using web data mining technology, a CI investigation will uncover market patterns and trends; as well as identify the strengths and vulnerabilities of competitors. Knowing the behavior and demographic of clients can help a business with targeted upselling, or promotions. Assessing the competition provides the edge necessary to make pre-emptive counter moves. Additionally, identifying potential competitors – newcomers who haven’t yet entered the market, or companies planning to expand into a new territory – can help business owners protect themselves from intellectual property theft before losses occur.



entrepreneur 1340649 1920Discreet social media analyzation
There are more than 3.5 billion active social media consumers worldwide, and the information exchanged on these platforms can be used in fraud investigations, corporate security investigations, and employee hiring. Social media investigations can dig up evidence to combat insurance and employee fraud; and new hire vetting can go a step further than a standard background check, using social media to verify claims and assess a candidate’s character and conduct. But the key to using social media as a tool lies with a skilled digital forensics expert. Using cutting edge technology, a CI investigator will conduct a social media investigation with complete anonymity. Whether analyzing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform – CI investigators work without detection, arming business owners with information while protecting their privacy.

Surveillance to protect your business
Perhaps one of the most undervalued services under the CI umbrella, expert surveillance can save a business owner thousands of dollars or more when it comes to legal matters. Workers compensation fraud costs the state of California $3 billion each year, and drives countless small companies out of business. Having experienced investigators provide clear, compelling and court-admissible evidence can save a business from financial ruin in the face of fraud. Similarly, the burden of proof in trademark infringement cases falls on the shoulders of the victimized business, so evidence of clear violation is the only route to legal recourse.
Whether combating workers compensation fraud, copyright and trademark infringement, or internal theft, a surveillance team will work quickly, effectively and completely undercover. Lawsuits hinge upon the quality of evidence provided, and only legally-collected evidence will be permissible in court. The lure of saving a few dollars when it comes to evidence does not outweigh the security in knowing an expert has handled surveillance for your company, and is willing to testify on your behalf.

Vet corporate intelligence investigators
Through untraceable social media research, data mining, surveillance, and other technical means, corporate intelligence investigations are a business owner’s best friend. And just as important as these services, is the crucial first step of vetting a private investigation firm before engaging CI services. Start by confirming that the firm is licensed and verified; check reviews on Yelp, Google and social media; and finally, ask for and verify attorney references. With due diligence, a CI investigation can yield invaluable information.

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