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Cheating wives in San Diego

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San Diego’s cheating wives are the new climbing numbers to watch in 2020

As the pressures of pandemic-life bare down on couples in quarantine, infidelity dating service Ashley Madison© reports that memberships have skyrocketed, and that growing percentage of users are women. New enrollment has climbed 25 percent since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, with 1.2 female users for every male.

In Carmel Valley alone, 60,000 individuals – and a majority of them women – currently engage Ashley Madison©Ashley Madison website to help them cheat. The service reports that swaths of cheaters can also be found in Mira Mesa, Downtown San Diego and Mission Hills, with virtually no corner of San Diego County exempt.
Paul Keable, Chief Strategy Officer at Ashley Madison©, told The Standard that he expects the number of cheaters to continue to rise through the winter, right alongside Covid cases.

“Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but in isolation, we see that the heart might look afar,” he said.
Infidelity is embarrassing, but adultery is illegal.

san diego cheating wife
If you’re married and suspect a cheating spouse, having hard evidence of your spouses’ indiscretions can protect your assets and your children when it comes time to file for divorce. Though California is a no-fault divorce state, if documented and presented properly, evidence of adulterous activities can still have a substantial impact on the outcome of any divorce.

For example, if there is evidence that marital assets were used by the cheating spouse, a judge may order restitution. And cheaters who chose their new partners over the care and emotional well-being of their children can be negatively impacted when it comes to a child custody determination.
The biggest factor in whether a cheating spouse will walk away Scott-free is the quality of the evidence presented against them. If you think that your spouse is cheating, hire a licensed private investigator to confirm your suspicions and to ensure you are best prepared to protect yourself.

Paramount Investigative Services Inc. is not only San Diego County’s top private investigation firm, but over the course of 20+ years, the Paramount team has helped save clients thousands of dollars in asset division and protected countless children from the dire effects of one parent’s poor choices.
The difference lies in experience, and the Paramount team will stand behind you as you proceed with your divorce case. Our team knows what will make an impact in the courtroom, and brings the latest in technology to deliver compelling evidence on your behalf. Sharp images, steady video and unmistakably clear audio will add credibility to your case, and sway court determinations in your favor. Our team has the expertise to gather your evidence with the utmost discretion, bringing the invaluable element of surprise to your case.
Those who are unmarried also have valid reason to take a closer look at a partner’s activities. Before entering into the legal contract of marriage, or just before moving a partner into your home, a thorough vetting can save you future humiliation.

After all, once married, half of your property will become “community” – belonging to both you and your spouse – and that could spell future forfeiture of half of everything you’ve worked for. Similarly, spousal debts will be shared and split; are you sure there are no financial skeletons in the closet of your beloved? Do not take the plunge uninformed, hire a licensed private investigator to compile a thorough investigative report on your significant others activities and background.
Even a shred of doubt deserves consideration, and at Paramount Investigative Services Inc., you can rest assured that our thorough investigation will yield results. We are experienced and qualified, and will do whatever necessary to protect your property, family, future and reputation.

Ken Childs

Author Consultant

Paramount Investigative Services Inc. is a highly reputable private investigation agency based in Los Angeles, boasting over 25 years of experience in the field. Founded and led by expert witness and author Ken Childs, the agency offers a comprehensive range of investigative services to clients, including insurance fraud detection, infidelity investigations, background checks, and legal support for attorneys. With a proven track record and a commitment to professionalism, Paramount Investigative Services Inc. stands out as a trusted choice for individuals, businesses, and legal professionals seeking reliable and discreet investigative solutions in Los Angeles.