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Cheating Spouses during COVID-19

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Infidelity and COVID-19: Cheating Spouse Investigations Amidst A Global Pandemic

Couples are spending more time together than ever before due to the isolation caused by COVID-19. However, with increased time together in close quarters, relationships have been put to the test – often leading to difficult realizations, fights, and even divorce. In China, divorce rates increased as a result of Coronavirus – however, in California, a more insidious impact of the virus has arisen. Due to technology, the ability to communicate with another individual amidst the pandemic is easier than ever. From Instagram to Snapchat, cheating girlfriends, boyfriends and spouses have used their time in quarantine to explore other options from the comfort of their own home or apartment. Notice your partner spending a lot of time on their phone and getting defensive or secretive when you walk in? Unfortunately, we’ve had an increase in calls concerning this behavior already – indicating the anticipated increase in infidelity both during and after the pandemic.

Cheating Spouses, Girlfriends and Boyfriends

At Paramount Investigative Services, our experience in handling cheating spouse investigations is unparalleled. Having worked on numerous high-profile cases all over Los Angeles and into the depths of Beverly Hills, we’re confident in our ability to obtain the foolproof evidence you’re looking for. From audio to video recordings, our team is committed to performing the surveillance you need for peace of mind. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable and anxious amidst COVID-19 – take control of your relationship and sanity with the assistance of Paramount Investigative Services!

How Can I tell If My Spouse Is Cheating?

During quarantine, tensions are already running high for couples. While everyone needs their space, certain behaviors can indicate that the pent-up stress and frustration COVID-19 has created may have pushed your partner to look for excitement outside of the confines of your home. If you notice your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife being particularly defensive, wary of you being around them when they’re on their phone, or spending unusual amounts of time well away from you, there’s certainly cause for concern. Skepticism should increase when your love life has been stagnant during quarantine (a time when the additional time together should be driving you closer together intimately). A good rule of thumb for determining whether or not your partner is cheating, is if you think something’s going on, it probably is!

While infidelity is an unfortunately common event in Los Angeles, we do still encourage perspective clients to contact us for a free consultation. While it is likely your spouse is cheating if you’ve come far enough to read about our services, we still like to discuss the finite details of your case to ensure that you’re not wasting money or overreacting. Ultimately, we hope our cheating spouse investigations reveal a faithful partner – however, the reality is, unfortunately, less encouraging.

What Should You Do If You Think Your Spouse Is Cheating?

While we do not condone the direct invasion of privacy of your partner, there are some clear indicators you can utilize to make a more level-headed decision. If you suspect your partner stays awake at night texting another individual, subtly staying awake may help you discern who the recipient is. Similarly, catching a glimpse of text messages being deleted or unknown numbers/contacts regularly in communication with your partner can allow you to dive deeper into any lie that may have been woven. During Coronavirus, more and more people are finding out that their partner is having an affair – we’re here to make the discovery process more efficient and less stressful. Additionally, we work to ensure that you have concrete evidence of infidelity, instead of having to endure a verbal face-off with your partner about what’s truthful or deceit.

Cheating Spouse Investigations During Coronavirus at Paramount Investigative Services

Let our team of experienced private investigators tackle the emotionally strenuous task of determining whether or not you’re being cheated on in the middle of a global pandemic. We strive to return some semblance of control and stability to your life in this difficult time. Contact us today to learn more about our cheating spouse investigations!

Ken Childs

Author Consultant

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