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What separates PIS from the rest of the investigators? I knew you’d be asking that. The quality of our work product is simply superior. PIS trains its employees to NOT get caught up in the action itself but to focus on the quality of our evidence; clean, clear, and steady video, sharp images, and detailed notes. This is what your attorney’s going to need when they go to court to argue your case.


Surveillance is surveillance! In my professional experience it all boils down to these few things; find your subject, early is on time, document their activities, and don’t get caught. My name is Ken Childs and I am a surveillance expert. I entered the industry when I was twenty years old and have done it all. I’ve performed surveillance on personal injury claims, worker’s compensation cases, to watching for fugitives and their families, suspected criminals, drunks, persons who have threatened to kill their co workers & bosses, and those who are in hiding.

Cheating Spouse

These cases nearly always boil down to surveillance. Often times (legally) we can place GPS trackers on their vehicles to better assist us in following them or simply keeping track of their activities. If there is a person or phone number you suspect your partner isn’t being honest about, that’s not a problem either. The more information we have the better we can dial in your needs. Lets discuss your partners work, their work hours, when they have opportunity to sneak out and if you suspect a person, lets discuss what you know about them.

Difficult Service of Process

You’ve made your demands, you’ve filed the court case, and now the sheriff or the cheap process server has scared your subject into hiding. Great… Sadly I know what your thinking. Now what? How can we get this served? You’re in luck. We deal with a many evasive or difficult serves. In fact, it’s grown to become one of the staples of our business. With that said, these evasive serves can begin to add up. In order to keep costs down we need all the information you have. If you have their personal info, family members or places they like to frequent or hang out. Examples are, work, the gym, bars or restaurants or if you know they will be at a certain place at a certain time. Luckily for you we are very flexible and very aggressive.

Crime Scene Investigations

Crime scene investigations or scene documentation are used in various cases but should be used on nearly all criminal cases, car accidents, personal injury cases, and workers compensation claims. Crime scene investigations or scene investigations help give the investigators and attorneys an in depth look of the area. “The lay of the land” if you will. This helps the attorneys or investigators with their line of questioning and often times helps if we suspect someone of not being truthful.

Child Custody Investigations

Probably the most emotional of all cases. We suggest discussing the case in great length to determine what your exact needs are. Sadly, all of these Child Custody cases vary, some being more complex than others. Most of these cases are cases where a parent is wanting more custody to reduce their monthly expenditures. Other cases are of parents that lye about their income and or how they aren’t working.

Personal Investigations

There was some sort of accident and the attorneys or insurance firm needs to follow up with the case. Often times they don’t suspect fraud, they only want to see if this person is healing well or as injured as they claim to be. Sadly, today it is knownthat insurance companies will pay or the people are of the mindset of making the insurance companies pay. NOT all claims are fraudulent. When it comes to suspected fraudulent cases, it should be an all out assault.

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