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With twenty five years of professional private investigation experience across California, Paramount Investigative Services’ San Diego Private Detectives work around the clock to ensure our clients receive the attentive, professional service they deserve. Utilizing the latest in advanced equipment in conjunction with our proven investigative methods, our team delivers the indisputable evidence and impeccable results our clients seek.

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Surveillance often stands as the backbone of any case we undertake – from more specific investigations surrounding suspected fraudulent workers’ compensation claims to missing persons locates, our surveillance techniques are custom-tailored to suit every case’s specific requirements. Using the latest in advanced industry equipment including high-definition recorders, drones, hidden cameras and GPS trackers, our team tirelessly scours every back alley and foothill across San Diego with professional efficiency and accuracy. Leaving no stone unturned, our team of detectives work around the clock to ensure any evasive night owls or early risers don’t escape unnoticed.

Cheating Spouse Investigations

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From Chula Vista and La Mesa to Encinitas and Carmel Valley, infidelity remains an unfortunately common occurrence. Having honed our skills over decades of cheating spouse surveillance in Beverly Hills and across North County, San Diego Private Detectives stands as uniquely equipped to act on your suspicions quickly and discreetly – catching even the most subtle cheater red-handed, and giving you the peace of mind you deserve. If you’re suspicious that your wife, husband, fiancé, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, don’t wait – contact Paramount Investigative Services’ team of San Diego Private Detectives for your free consultation immediately!

Evasive Service of Process

Service of process can all too often turn into a months-long, expensive and difficult process if handled by an inexperienced process server or a disgruntled sheriff’s office representative. After just one unsuccessful process service attempt, a subject is likely to become recluse and settle into hiding. With neighbors, friends and families on the lookout, process service can quickly turn into an almost impossible feat. Trust your service of process to an experienced and thorough private investigator – we take all necessary precautionary measures to ensure our success by extensive researching and documenting a subject’s habits, followed by a filmed documentation of our successful service of process. Efficient, experienced and exhaustive, Paramount Investigative Services’ San Diego Private Detectives make difficult service of process a simple, streamlined and straightforward procedure.

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Personal Injury Investigations

With fraudulent personal injury settlements amounting in the tens (and even hundreds) of millions, employers throughout San Diego can rarely afford to lose a personal injury case. From warehouses to restaurants, construction sites to city employees, personal injury claims run rampant across every industry. Boasting an extensive resume of successful case resolutions, any business looking to ensure their success in court should immediately seek to employ an experienced private investigator. Having testified in numerous cases over our two decades of investigatory work throughout San Diego, Paramount Investigative Services’ experienced team of San Diego Private Investigators protects small and large businesses alike against fraudulent individuals’ malicious attempts to stuff millions into their bank accounts through dishonest and falsified injuries.

Workers’ Compensation Investigations

According to OSHA, employers pay an estimated $1 billion per week in workers’ compensation payments. With fraudulent workers’ compensations claims reaching an extortionate level across San Diego, business owners simply can’t afford to remain unprotected in the event of a potentially fraudulent claim. Should you suspect a workers’ compensation claim is fraudulent, contact our team of investigators immediately for a free consultation. After having discretely set up surveillance, our team will set forth in recording an individual’s every movement – catching even the smallest slip in their act before they have the opportunity to practice the charade.

Workplace Investigations

Sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, theft and beyond – internal workplace investigations often require the assistance of a third party to ensure a minimal risk of liability. Our thorough, well-written reports and succinct yet exhaustive conclusions ensure your required investigation withstands the extensive scrutiny it’s sure to endure. As San Diego’s premier private investigators, Paramount Investigative Services’ expert team of San Diego Private Detectives perform comprehensive workplace investigations with unparalleled composure and professionalism.


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Contact San Diego Private Detectives today to receive your free consultation. Committed to providing residents from Del Mar to Carlsbad, Chula Vista to Encinitas and beyond with the professional private investigator services they seek, Paramount Investigative Services’ team of experienced and professional private investigators stand apart from the competition. Give us a call to speak with a representative regarding your case, or send us an email to schedule a meeting at our San Diego office!

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