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Infidelity Investigations: Cheating Husbands, Wives and Partners in San Diego and North County

From Carlsbad to Del Mar, La Jolla and beyond, an unfortunately large population of girlfriends, husbands, fiancés, and partners are cheating. With infidelity statistics in southern California surpassing all other regions across the country, it’s unfortunately likely that you’re either being cheated on, or the one doing the cheating!

With the era of the smartphone ushering in apps like Tinder® and dramatically increasing accessibility to sites like Ashley Madison® while allowing for subtle, secretive communication between a cheater and their new partner, cheating has become a widespread epidemic across San Diego, Carlsbad and Encinitas. With this blight effecting every echelon of society, Chula Vista and La Jolla residents alike are likely experiencing the immediate impact of infidelity on their lives.

Cheating in Southern California and San Diego: Unfortunately Common

While the dramatic increase in infidelity may leave some discouraged and distrusting, San Diego Private Detectives use state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to legally GPS track, record and catch cheaters easier than ever – despite their attempts to cover up and hide their misdeeds! As experienced, licensed and insured private investigators, Paramount Investigative Services’ San Diego Private Detectives quickly and efficiently perform the in-depth investigation you need to regain control over your potentially deteriorating relationship, while providing the peace of mind you deserve.

Suspicious That Your Wife, Husband, Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Partner is Cheating on You?

It can be difficult to determine whether or not you’re being paranoid when the thought crosses your mind that you’re being cheated on. However, the initial feeling of guilt for distrusting your spouse is often the most effective tool a cheater will exploit to keep their adulterous endeavors shrouded. If you suspect something is awry, chances are you’re right – with statistics pointing to infidelity occurring more often than not, acting on your initial feelings often results in the revealing of an unfortunate truth.

Warning Signs: 5 Indicators You’re Being Cheated On

Still unsure whether or not you’re overreacting? Here are five common traits shared by cheaters that can help you determine if you should seek a private investigator:
Your partner hides their cell phone screen from you when they’re texting
Your partner spends unusually long hours at work, or has become particularly well-acquainted with a particular co-worker with subtly flirtatious undertones
Your relationship has become emotionally and/or sexually distant
Your partner lies about their location, accompanying individuals or habits
Your partner becomes defensive when you ask about their upcoming / last night’s plans, or what they’re looking at on their phone

While good indications of cheating, other factors not listed above may also point to infidelity. If left unchecked, not only will your anxiety and confusion develop further, but your partner’s potentially brief stint of cheating could end – forever covered up and undiscoverable, leaving you none-the-wiser to your partner’s dishonesty, disloyalty and infidelity. Don’t wait – the key to catching a cheating spouse is timely yet subtle surveillance performed by professionals trained to identify cheating behaviors without ever alerting your partner to our presence.


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Licensed and Insured Investigators: About Our Professional Private Detectives

Consulting an investigator about surveillance on your partner can often be heartbreaking and emotionally strenuous – Paramount Investigative Services and San Diego Private Detectives are uniquely equipped to handle every cheating spouse case with professional tactfulness to minimize stress and provide you with the results you need quickly and efficiently. Licensed, certified and insured, our detectives remain discreet throughout the entirety of their investigations across La Jolla, Encinitas and North County to ensure your relationship and its complexities remain between you and your partner, unmarred by their knowledge that you’ve hired an investigator. Working alongside out clients to provide the results they seek, our San Diego Private Detectives remain the preferred private investigators in San Diego.

Receive The Peace Of Mind You Deserve: Call San Diego Private Detectives!

Contact Paramount Investigative Services’ San Diego Private Detectives today to receive your free consultation. A cheating spouse is a difficult, emotionally draining concern to live with – let our investigators definitively find out whether your suspicions are unfounded, or unfortunately true. Committed to the complete satisfaction of our clients across San Diego, Paramount Investigative Services’ San Diego Private Detectives remain the preferred investigators for infidelity investigations.

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