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"Ken is a professional who was very helpful with my situation. He is discreet and communicates with his clients in a timely manner. I highly recommend!"

Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you, Mr Childs. Your service exceeded all our expectations. We would highly recommend your services to anyone with no hesitation."

San Gabriel, CA

"Ken is a very professional and caring investigator. He cares about you and your thought, and he tried his best to accomplish your goal."

Arcadia, CA

"EVERYBODY needs to see this. !!!! where do I even begin, my ex boyfriend took my car to Los Angeles I don’t know where he lived or where he stays, mind you I live in Washington and my local police would not let me report it as stolen because I let my ex borrow my car before and if you ever hand your keys over it don’t matter what they do with it, it can not be reported, I was running options, lawyers are too expensive and take too much time, so while I was browsing I came across Paramount, and Ken was the person who helped me, and I swear God sent Ken to my blessings, he understood everything I was telling him he made me feel welcomed and accepted, he is experienced with these issues and he got to work the next day. Right after I signed all the proper paper work he found my car for me the NEXT DAY !!!! Paramount and their team held my car for me until I can fly out to California, they fixed me a key and my flat tires, I swear you will be surprised how much they care about their client, I swear they are now my family !!! And God bless all of them and their amazing work! And Ken ones again if you see this Thank you so much !!!! You are absolutely the best!!!!"
—Selena Amanuel

"Paramount Investigative Services is a top notch, PI firm that handles cases with expedience, professionalism and privacy in mind. Working on a wide spectrum of different cases, no matter your needs, you need look you need look no further than Paramount Investigative Services."
—Elliot Wynton Seymour

"I used to work for Ken a couple years ago as a surveillance investigator. Not only did he familiarize me in the PI industry he showed me techniques that worked for surveillance, interviewing, every case I assisted on was a learning experience for me. I ended up working for another company for a short time and the difference was night and day. Ken knows what he is doing! He is very knowledgeable and very passionate about his product, and will always give you a straight up answer about your case, even if its not the one you want to hear. I highly recommend Paramount investigative services to anyone in need of an investigator. His methods and level of detail are on whole different level!"
—Jess Sapalicio

"Ken is a magician. Seriously, I don't even know how he does what he does and how efficient, kind, professional, results-driven he is! If you need investigative services for whatever purpose, I cannot recommend Paramount enough! Ken and his team helped me locate a family member within a fews days (days!) after 25 years missing. This is after years of trying to find them ourselves."
—Vanessa Benadiba


"Ken is a very professional and caring investigator. He cares about you and your thought, and he tried his best to accomplish your goal. I contact Ken TWO years ago for my requested, and he still remembered me and knew what I want. He is fast, responsive, accurate. I called him about 35 minutes ago to let him know the job, and place and the time on the day that he was crazy busy, but he made it! HE MADE IT ON TIME! I really appreciate his help, if I lost this opportunity, I don't know how long I will have to wait for the second chance. Just be honest with him, and do whatever he told you to, then he will handle the rest. I can honestly say that the service he provides is very valuable and worth every dime. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in need. Thank you so much Ken!"
—Sarah Chen


"I did my homework by researching and interviewing several different private investigation firms and Paramount Investigative Services came out on top. Ken is everything you want in a private investigator: honest, straightforward, and genuine. He walked me through the entire process and gave me a fair price that couldn't be beat. Although my situation resolved itself before he started, I know there is no one else I would turn to for private investigation."
—Rachel Jamora

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