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Scam Investigations by Paramount Investigative Services

If you're one of the unfortunate individuals who's found themselves at the mercy of a lying Uber or Lyft driver claiming you damaged their vehicle by vomiting, or if you've become a victim of one of the countless other scams running rampant throughout LA, let Paramount Investigative Services assist you in finding the individual responsible! If you want to find the perpetrator's information as quickly as possible so you can decide your next steps, submit your case information, contact information and payment below - an investigator will contact you within 24 hours regarding your case once we receive your information and payment!

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If Oustisde of CA add $100

Submit a screen shot of the person, the names used, vehicle plates, and an image of the driver. Please include anything useful you and the driver may have discussed. For example; their age, city they lived in.

Scams in Los Angeles: An Unfortunately Prevalent Social Plague

All over Los Angeles, random citizens are getting hit by various new, inventive scams almost daily. Whether it's the holiday season where seemingly benign door-to-door salesmen use your politeness in answering the door to scope out your house, or the summer where Uber and Lyft drivers will claim that you "vomited in their car" and charge a few extra hundred dollars, scamming is prevalent year-round in LA.

Sick of Waiting? We're Here To Help

For years, victims of scams' only recourse has been to attempt to contest false claims through an application or via a company website's complaint form. Those who have tried know how long, difficult, and often fruitless these attempts are. Additionally, many of these large corporations (and even law enforcement) take weeks and even months to even launch an investigation - giving the perpetrator plenty of time to disappear without a trace.

For holiday scam victims and phone solicitation scam victims, the process can be more convoluted. In these instances, it's unlikely you'll easily discover the scammer's identity - the best method to avoid becoming a victim is to ensure you're not in the middle of being scammed! Scammers are experts at emotional manipulation. They exploit your kindness and weave a convincing story that even wary individuals often fall for - their catfishing approach can be unsettlingly realistic. With over twenty years of witnessing and investigating scams originating from all over the world, we're uniquely qualified to tell you whether or not you're about to be conned.

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Our Scam Investigation Service

With the scam epidemic in Los Angeles reaching an all-time high, Paramount Investigative Services has decided to introduce our scam investigation service! With a one-time payment, we'll contact you to discuss your case in-depth, and view whatever information you can provide on your phone, email, or any other mode of contact you've had with the scammer. Simply make your payment, include the culprit's details (everything from screenshots of the driver's name to license plate information, and any details about the discussion you had with the driver). Once we receive the information and payment, we'll investigate and provide you with the results within 24-48 hours - regardless of whether it's the Uber/Lyft driver scam, a dating scam or a catfishing scam!

If you're looking for an answer about whether or not you're about to be scammed, we'll be able to definitively tell you. If you've already been scammed by the Uber / Lyft scam, we'll be able to provide you with the culprit's information so you can decide what your next steps should be - either within the legal system, or outside it.