Real Estate Investigations

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Real Estate Investigations

Real Estate Investigations and Property Title searches are used when its required to find the sales and purchase price of a residential property. We have the ability to locate all properties owned by an individual, LLC or Trust.

Our real estate investigations will uncover Tax information, Sales Price History, Mortgage history & Owner History. We offer three real estate investigation packages.

Package #1 – Property information for the address you provide.

  • Name of owner
  • Tax information
  • Sales History
  • Mortgage History

Package #2 – Locate all past and current property owned by an individual

  • All of Package #1
  • Prices paid for all past and current properties owned.
  • Historical photos of the property ( If Available )

Package #3 – LLC and Trust property locates.

  • All of Package #1
  • All of Package #2

Package #3 is for the individuals who don’t want to be found. They will often have the title of properties in the name of an LLC or Trust. These individuals take more time and resources to track down but will not remain hidden from us.

We use many resources to provide property information. Sometimes when these situations end up in court or your questions require a real estate professional, you’ll have access to the South Pasadena Luxery Real Estate Team.