Top 5 Private Investigators

  • Surveillance: Surveillance can be useful in various situations such as investigating suspected employee misconduct, keeping track of a subject in a criminal case, or monitoring a potential threat. The evidence gathered through surveillance can be used for legal purposes, for instance, in a court of law.


  • Background checks: Background checks can be performed for a variety of reasons such as screening potential employees, tenant screening, and due diligence for business purposes. This service provides crucial information about an individual’s criminal history, financial stability, and personal background, which helps organizations and individuals make informed decisions.


  • Infidelity investigations: Infidelity investigations are often requested by individuals who suspect their spouse or partner of cheating. This service provides concrete evidence of infidelity, which can be used for divorce or custody proceedings.


  • Asset searches: Asset searches are used to locate and identify a person’s assets for various reasons, such as collecting a debt, dividing property in a divorce case, or locating assets for estate purposes.


  • Location services: Location services can be used to find a missing person, such as a lost relative, or to determine the location of an individual for legal or personal reasons. For example, to serve legal papers, to locate a witness, or to track down a runaway.


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