Is your wife Cheating? 5 tips to see for yourself.

husband texting lover

Cheating spouse investigations are on the rise. Our investigators have noticed a 20% increase in infidelity investigations ranging from cheating girlfriends to cheating boyfriends to cheating wives.

Here are a few tips for you to determine if your spouse is having an extra marital affair.

1. Is she not picking up the phone during times she’s supposed to be available?
2. Is she hiding her phone screen when your around (to prevent you from see who she’s calling/texting.)?
3. He or She gets agitated when you ask where they’ve been?
4. When you search his or her calls logs or messages, they’ve been deleted.
5. There are nearly no calls on her phone yet her data is through the roof!

Chances are your husband or wife is committing adultery and is clearly tech savvy.   She (or he) is not only covering their tracks, they are using apps to talk to their paramour/lover.  At this stage in the game, it is imperative you don’t tip them off that your looking into their messaging or their coming and goings.  You need to simply make mental notes and NOT confront them.  We can help you with the next few moves to catch them in the act.  That’s why we’re the premiere cheating spouse investigators.  However, if you have confronted them and you’ve noticed no changes in behavior, it’s time to perform surveillance.  We will come up with a plan of action that will help you get the closure or proof you need to catch your cheating spouse

Give us a call today, we are licensed, insured and have the experience others don’t.

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