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Why You Should Investigate Your Workers’ Compensation Claims

So your employee has filed a workers’ compensation claim, but you’re skeptical if it’s legitimate – what options do you have? Is it even legal to investigate them to find out if they’re lying? Luckily, private investigators in Los Angeles handle fraudulent workers’ compensation claims quite frequently. With restaurants, retail stores, and nearly every industry throughout LA county falling prey to questionable (and downright fraudulent) workers’ compensation claims, our investigators are extremely experienced in these types of cases, in part due to their frequent occurrences.

How to find an investigator near you that does workers’ compensation investigations

workers compensation investigattorWhile a quick Google search can bring up a list of private investigators in LA, it can be difficult choosing the right one for your needs. Our investigators have specialized in surveillance for over twenty years, operating almost exclusively in the Los Angeles county area before our recent expansion to other regions of California, and other states like Texas. To learn more about our workers’ compensation investigations, read about the service in-depth on our main website.

What to look for when hiring an investigator

It’s important to identify a few things before hiring an investigator – firstly, their credentials, secondly, their familiarity with the region in which your investigation needs to take place, and lastly, their approach to the investigation itself. The first two elements are easy to determine based on the PI’s website – the last aspect, however, can be difficult to analyze to make sure you’re not falling prey to an unethical PI looking to stretch your budget as far as it will go. To ensure we are not associated with those other PIs, we discuss the full scope and anticipated challenges of your investigation with you before we enter the field. In many instances, hitting a subject “hard and fast” with an investigation can yield the most favorable (and cost-effective) results.

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Why investigate quickly, and thoroughly

If you wait, or employ an unskilled investigator, the employee in question will have time to work on their act, or realize they’re being investigated. If you act quickly, you can gather intelligence on them that’s completely unquestionable in court, all without tipping them off that you’re investigating them. With Paramount Investigative Services, we act in your best interest, and remain completely committed to building an honest, straightforward relationship with businesses throughout Los Angeles. Give us a call today for a free quote on your workers’ compensation investigation!

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